Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Road to Coturco

We enjoyed having Amanda with us for the day today and decided to take a short trip up a nearby mountain. We didn't make it to the top because the road was closed 3/4 of the way up for repairs. We still saw great views of God's creation and enjoyed being together.
A community called, Coniburo.

View above Pifo

We enjoyed having our daughter, Amanda visiting for the day.

Church in Coniburo

Spectacular view!

Where is Waldo, the dog?

Old Spanish Farm

Spanish Hacienda

Thursday, October 27, 2011

November Praise and Prayer Requests

Pray for their salvation.


  1. The Lord has opened doors to meet people through ping-pong, English and cooking.

  2. We have many children coming to the house.

  3. We are establishing friendships with the elderly.

  4. Carlos and Manolo come for Bible study and prayer.

  5. We continue discipleship with Percy and Mercedes.


  1. For opportunities to meet people in Borja at the agricultural fair held November 4-6.
  2. Nov. 10-13, we are traveling to Chillanes to give a prophesy teaching to the leaders of the Quichua Churches of that area. Glenn and Susie Wittmann will be traveling with us and Glenn is giving the devotionals.
  3. November 17, we are traveling to the US for three weeks to be with our families. Pray for Alicia, our daughter-in-law, and Karen, our daughter, both due to give birth in November.

Our mailing address is:

Casilla 17-17-1642

USA:CrossWorld, 10000 N. Oak Trafficway, 

CANADA: CrossWorld, 1020 Matheson Blvd. E. #11,
Mississauga , ON L4W 4J9 •

Thank you for your support
in prayer and giving!

Dan and Diana McKeen

CW Missionaries to Borja, Ecuador and surrounding areas

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making Connections

Dan and his friend Manolo

Judging English and Meeting Christians written October 18

It was so obvious God was working today. We were given opportunity to be judges at an English competition at the Juan el Bautista Montini HS, a Catholic HS here in Borja. Two English competitions were held. The first was a spelling and pronunciation of English words; the second was a competition of English songs.  We were seated at the front of the gym area with two small tables before us. In the stands were 400 youths and teachers anxious for the outcome of the English Song competition.  Seven students participated in the competition with a variety of English songs from pop to rock in style.  Our job was to judge the following three categories: pronunciation, intonation and performance. After the English competition were bicycle and guinea pig races so we decided to hang around and talk to people. One woman we talked to was the mother of the winner of the English Song Competition.  We found out she is a believer and her son also. Carlos, the youth, is interested in seeing other young people come to know the Lord through music. We have been praying for a connection to the youth of Borja and just maybe this is it. We returned home knowing the Lord had guided us this morning.

Studying God's Word

Carlos, our neighbor pictured with the men below, came to study the Bible with Dan in the afternoon. It is nothing short of a miracle to have this former town official come to our home with this purpose of Studying God’s Word. Dan will be going through the “I Am”s of Jesus with Carlos the next few weeks. Please pray he will understand salvation is by faith alone and receive the Lord as his Savior.

Two youths, Andres and Aldomar came to play ping-pong later in the afternoon, while Andres’ mother, Nelly, studied English with Diana. We are trusting ping-pong can be a draw for the youth. Nelly, an English teacher, received the Lord some months ago. She has been a great help in guiding us how Ecuadorians learn English and also what aspects of the English language to concentrate on at different age levels.

Adult Bible-study continues weekly on Wednesdays. We were surprised to have three ladies, all very faithful to religion, come together one night. Dan has been working through Romans and that night the study was focused on Romans chapter 4, justification by faith alone. Lots of questions came out such as, “If salvation is by faith alone, why are we trying so hard to be good?” The study was Spirit directed and provided a great opportunity for the Gospel to be proclaimed. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let the Little Children Come

"Permit the little children to come unto me,..."

Ministry on the Porch

Most afternoons there is activity on the porch. Children come for help with homework or for an activity to do. Diana is ready with coloring pages that have a Bible theme that can be talked about. Pray children will come to know Jesus as their Savior.

Bible Clubs

We are holding two Bible clubs during the week, one for those who don't read yet and another for those who do. We are studying the life of Moses at present. Pray children will see their need to be saved.

Teaching English in Borja

Teaching English has given us a lot of opportunities to get to know local children and some of their family members. Recently one adult came and asked us to teach her how to pray. Her mother-in law came to Adult Bible study this week. We would love to see a member of this family come to know the Lord!

Classroom in El Chaco

Our friend Gemma needed help this week in her classroom in El Chaco. Diana was able to teach a Bible lesson and Bible song to the children. This visit may open another opportunity to help with English teaching at the school of 400 children. There is not a doctrinally sound church in El Chaco at present. El Chaco is a community of greater than 10,000 people. Please pray with us that God will send someone with a heart to serve the Lord in El Chaco.

Teaching English in Sumaco

Sumaco is a very small community that has a two room school with one teacher. We were asked to teach English classes to the eleven children who attend. Pray this will give an opportunity to bring the Gospel to the people of Sumaco.

Our mailing address is:

Casilla 17-17-1642
Thank you for your support
in prayer and giving!

Dan and Diana McKeen

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steps of Obedience

The bus and cars loaded, about 75 people from Chaupimolino and surrounding areas left at 7 AM heading over the mountains to Borja for a joint Baptism service. The skies were gray in Borja Sunday morning October 2. However, the people were filled with enthusiasm knowing this was the first Baptism to be held in Borja. Rain changed the location of the service to a covered area in the center of town. It was a good thing because some people from town stopped to see what was happening.
 Praise, music, dance and the preaching of God's Word was given for the glory of God.
The rain subsided so we went to the river where three from Chaupimolino were baptized.
 A man from Borja said he had not witnessed a baptism like this before. A couple from 
Quito asked what it all meant.

Fellowship and food followed, the day ended with a time of sports. It was a great day!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Being Present

Dan and I spent the morning in Baeza being present with the group of seniors Dan has the opportunity to read the Bible to weekly. The activity included four counties of the province of Napo and about 300 people were present. The signs says, "Association: United We Will Overcome". 
 Judith is the queen of the group and beside her is our friend, Piedad.
 This statue represents the County of Quijos, an agricultural area. The horse is carrying milk.
 The Borja group did a drama as part of a competition between the groups. The rabbit was looking for a mate and she is surrounded by the eligible candidates. Sadly, she choose to marry a wolf and she met her untimely end!
This group from Tena dramatized a tribal wedding ceremony and celebration. The bride and groom are wearing red.
A group from an area outside of Tena performed an ancestral Jumandy dance. It was very interesting and we always feel privileged to be present at such events. 
post by Diana