Saturday, October 1, 2011

Being Present

Dan and I spent the morning in Baeza being present with the group of seniors Dan has the opportunity to read the Bible to weekly. The activity included four counties of the province of Napo and about 300 people were present. The signs says, "Association: United We Will Overcome". 
 Judith is the queen of the group and beside her is our friend, Piedad.
 This statue represents the County of Quijos, an agricultural area. The horse is carrying milk.
 The Borja group did a drama as part of a competition between the groups. The rabbit was looking for a mate and she is surrounded by the eligible candidates. Sadly, she choose to marry a wolf and she met her untimely end!
This group from Tena dramatized a tribal wedding ceremony and celebration. The bride and groom are wearing red.
A group from an area outside of Tena performed an ancestral Jumandy dance. It was very interesting and we always feel privileged to be present at such events. 
post by Diana

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