Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Days at the Borja Fair

Last Thursday and Friday we spent two days at the Fair of Borja. A highlight of the event was meeting and sharing the Gospel with the local veterinary, who has invited us to his farm in El Chaco to talk more about God. God had been preparing this man as he recently visited farms and universities in the US. It was obvious he had met some believers during his trip as he gave testimony of their lives and practices.

 We were privileged to see and taste the biggest cheese in the Valley of Quijos. It took 1,410 liters (375 gallons) of milk to make the cheese, which was later served with a brown sugar syrup to all those who attended. 

 Dan was in his element and reminisced about his childhood when his family showed cattle at the local fair.

Dan has been building relationships with farmers in the area.

 Most breeds were familiar, but there was a breed called Normande that was new to us.

Rene and his wife, Lucia have a fine herd of cows, which the judging later proved true. 

We enjoyed the event very much. It was a God given opportunity to connect with farmers in the area of Borja. Please pray with us for their salvation.


  1. Dan,

    You look so much like your father in picture #3. He would be so happy to know you're doing what you're doing now! May God continue to God bless you and Dianna and your ministry.

    Praying for you ...

    P.S. He and Carl are rejoicing together in God's presence. PTL!!