Friday, December 30, 2011

Praise and Prayer

Dear Friends,

We are praising God for:

Good opportunities in Borja during December:

                Dan shared a message and prayer at the inauguration of the greenhouse.

                The reason Jesus came was shared with many children at Bible clubs and on the porch.

                The Christmas message was shared with the seniors.

                We attended four public Christmas events and were judges at two of the events.

Alicia understands the difference between religion and a relationship with Jesus.

Percy and Mercedes are taking steps of obedience. 

Sixto, Veronica and their three girls came to our home for supper and games.

We are thrilled to see the people of Chaupimolino Church making the ministry their own.

We have enjoyed safety traveling over the not so safe mountain road to Borja, one recent mudslide left the road closed for two days.

We enjoyed Christmas with Amanda.

Prayer for:

The salvation of Sixto, Veronica and family, Carlos, Gerardo and others from the Minda family.

The salvation of our newest neighbors in Borja, a family of three.

Spiritual growth for Manolo and Elsa, Percy and Mercedes and other believers in Borja.

Darwin and Nelly to be strengthened as a couple and in ministry in Chaupimolino.

The Chaupimolino Church to continue to take ownership for ministries they are directing.

John Rosado as he continues ministry trips to Milagro de Dios and surrounding coastal areas.

The Lord to raise up workers for the many areas of Ecuador, where there is no Gospel witness.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Events en Borja

The local school held their annual Christmas program this week.
Three schools were represented including a nursery school.

There are about 250 students represented at the "Guillermo Vinueza School". 

We have met many of these children who have stopped by on the porch.
Diana was asked to be a judge for the competition of Christmas musical presentations. 

Our neighbor was present with her little boy.
Santa, our friend Ginela, helped entertain the crowd during the presentation of the nursery school where she works. Ginela attends the weekly Bible study held at our home.We attend these events in order to make new friends and to support the friends we have made. Please continue to pray for opportunities to share Jesus with others and for their openness to the Gospel. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Inauguration of the Green House: seeds have been planted

We were invited to participate in the official opening of the Green House on December 16. This project was developed by the group of seniors called,"Together We Will Win". With a grant from the Ecuadorian government and help from other local governments this project is succeeding to give the elderly a common goal of working together to provide food for a program of meals for the elderly.

 The president of the Association gave words of encouragement for continuation of the project.

Dan was invited to give a refection of God's Word  and a word of prayer for the event. This an answer to our prayers because normally the local priest would be asked to do this.

Dan has been available to help in practical ways and we have made a lot of friends as a result.

Top right are two members of the Minda Family. We continue to ask for prayer for their understanding of God's Word and their salvation. Bottom right is a Chinese potato plant.

We know God is at work as relationships are forming and we are given opportunities to share Gods Word weekly to this group of seniors. Seeds have been planted, may God give the increase!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Flash Clubs

We have been welcomed back to Ecuador by our neighborhood friends.

Any given afternoon a group of children come so we are ready to improvise to provide a "Flash Club".

These spontaneous Bible Clubs provide a time to personally talk with children about Jesus.
We are talking about God's purpose for coming to earth and how Jesus existed before he was born.

We are communicating their need for a savior.
Please pray they will respond to that need.

Friday, December 9, 2011

November events: A Visit to Maine and New York!

Three weeks of vacation time flew by as we traveled to Northern Maine, then to NY and back.
Enjoying Jodie!
Mark and Alicia's Children, Jodie and Kendra
A very happy Grammy and Grampa 

Jake and Karen's children, Julianna, Emma, Ethan and Joy

                                                                                     Diana's parents, Bob and Marianne Thorpe

Although we returned to the US for vacation and to see our new grandchildren, the Lord allowed us to help Diana's parents find help in the home for her mother as care for her father has become more demanding. Please pray for them in this time of life that has new challenges.

November Events: A Trip to Chillanes

We returned to Chillanes, the town pictured below, in November. Glenn and Susie Wittman accompanied us. 
Please pray God will send laborers to Chillanes. 

Each day Glenn gave a devotional and Dan gave a teaching on prophecy to a group of Quichua leaders.

While we were in Chillanes a man named Duval brought his sister and family for godly counsel. They have had some struggles as a family and gave permission for us to request prayer on their behalf. Please pray for Jose and Jenny and their two girls. They are believers and need to put God first in their decisions.

Pictured from Left to Right: Susie Wittman, Linda Arens, Martha Cramer, Glenn Wittmann, Diana and Dan McKeen
We enjoyed good food and fellowship during our stay in Chillanes. Please pray Linda and Martha will be encouraged in the ministries they are leading with women, youth and children.

Friday, December 2, 2011

November Events: A Visit to Chaupimolino

 We are very grateful Darwin and Nelly have obeyed God's call in their lives and at this time Darwin is taking a leadership roll at the Chaupimolino Church where we served for many years. They welcome your prayers as God is stretching them as they walk by faith for their ministry and financial support. 

A good group of children were present the day we visited and they are pictured here reciting the Bible verse of the day. 

 Dan welcomed four individuals into the membership of the church. Please continue to pray for the people who attend The Church of the Good Shepherd of Chaupimolino, that they will be obedient, faithful and continue to grow in the Lord.

Events in November: El Día de los Difuntos

 El Día de los Difuntos (The Day of the Dead) – November 2
Click on the picture to learn more about the tradition.
 We used the day to invite neighborhood Bible club children to make bread dolls and enjoy colada, a drink made from cooking blackberries, blueberries, cinnamon, cloves, and other fruits and spices until thick. We made plenty of colada to share with the neighbors.
Click on this picture to link to a recipe for Colada Morada.
 We also enjoyed colada with the group of seniors.
On Tuesdays, Dan is able to read a portion of scripture and share a devotional thought. This small group has become very attentive to God's Word. Thank you for your prayers on their behalf and please continue to pray for their salvation.
Another event happened while we were enjoying lunch with the seniors, Kendra Lynn McKeen was born to Mark and Alicia McKeen. Congratulations Mark and Alicia!