Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Inauguration of the Green House: seeds have been planted

We were invited to participate in the official opening of the Green House on December 16. This project was developed by the group of seniors called,"Together We Will Win". With a grant from the Ecuadorian government and help from other local governments this project is succeeding to give the elderly a common goal of working together to provide food for a program of meals for the elderly.

 The president of the Association gave words of encouragement for continuation of the project.

Dan was invited to give a refection of God's Word  and a word of prayer for the event. This an answer to our prayers because normally the local priest would be asked to do this.

Dan has been available to help in practical ways and we have made a lot of friends as a result.

Top right are two members of the Minda Family. We continue to ask for prayer for their understanding of God's Word and their salvation. Bottom right is a Chinese potato plant.

We know God is at work as relationships are forming and we are given opportunities to share Gods Word weekly to this group of seniors. Seeds have been planted, may God give the increase!

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