Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year but Always in His Time

When you return, Danielito, you will see we have been changing,” states Alisha from Borja, Ecuador. It has been reported to us that Alisha and her husband, Carlos, made the decision to not sell alcohol in their store as was their custom. God worked in their hearts and realized this practice was not pleasing to God. It gives us great assurance that God is faithfully working even in our physical absence in Borja.

We learned the landlord of our home in Borja was tragically killed. This is very sad news as he had not, to our knowledge, received Christ as Savior. It serves as a sad reminder there are countless others in Borja and surrounding communities who do not know Jesus.

The timing of our return to Ecuador is ever before us as we consider two family issues; Diana’s parent's needs and our daughter’s struggles and lack of independence at this time. We have requested from Crossworld to extend our HMA (Home Assignment) for three months. We ask for your prayers for our discernment and wisdom on when to return to Ecuador. Please pray for our daughter’s spiritual and physical healing, Diana parents' health and safety and for our spiritual and emotional strength. 

Our schedule:

January 20 at Crossroads Bible Church in Madison, Maine
January 27 at East Hodgdon Bible Church, Maine

Gratefulness fills our hearts for your continuing commitment to Crossworld’s ministry to the people of Borja, Ecuador through us. Our heart desire is that many more people will come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and then mature in Him. It is a great privilege to continue to follow God’s call even though we find ourselves here in North America instead of South America at this time. 

We are trusting God's blessings in your lives as you continue to obey Him.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas: Through the eyes of a Child

The last few months we have been traveling each weekend visiting churches which are committed to partnering with us in Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador through us. We are grateful for each one.

Now we are enjoying some Grandma and Grandpa time!

Dear Jodie

Grandpa Time with Kendra
We joined friends from Lisbon, Maine and took in a live nativity performance.
Live Nativity in Lewiston
The theme of the event was called "Christmas through the eyes of a child".

Carriage Rides were offered
Currently we are in Blodgett Mills, NY enjoying a visit with Jake & Karen and four grandchildren. It is especially sweet to be stateside enjoying the Christmas season with family.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Begins

The weather was not delightful and the traveling a little bit frightful on an icy December 2nd when we set out for a visit to The Church of the Open Bible in Athens, Maine. We did have a great visit with the dear people of Athens and surrounding areas. It was especially fun to be reunited with some special friends who traveled to Pifo, Ecuador to join a work team last summer. 
Athens, Maine
Closing prayer
We sang and enjoyed traditional Christmas songs with the congregation. It was special to us because in Ecuador there is not a lot of emphasis on Christmas songs. Dan brought the challenge from John 15:9-17. After the service, Dan was approached by some saying they had someone in mind they would like to disciple.

I had the privilege to be the main speaker at West Rockport Baptist Church's Christmas Candlelight Dessert the evening of  December 3. The focus of the message was how we respond to God directed changes in our lives using Mary's example found in Luke Chapter 1. Over 100 ladies participated in this special event and I trust God used His Word to challenge hearts to salvation and to obedience. 
One of 18 beautifully decorated tables

Thank you so much for your faithful partnership with us.
We do appreciate  your faithful prayers and giving.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

McKeen Sunday

 It was McKeen Sunday last week at West Rockport Baptist Church. Dan proclaimed, "Reasons Not to be Ashamed of the Gospel," found in Romans 1:16 and 17 in the AM service. Later in the Evening Service Kevin spoke on, "Where is Your Treasure?" from Matthew 6:19-21. It was a blessing to share the day with friends and family.

Diana is returning to West Rockport for the Church's 8th Christmas Candlelight Dessert as the speaker December 3rd. Please pray the Gospel will be clear and those in need of a Savior will respond to God's call for salvation.

Milton with his family is making bi-weekly trips to Borja, Ecuador in our absence. Pray for effective ministry and economic provision as he makes these trips.

Darwin and Nelly need your prayers to be encouraged as they lead in Chaupimolino. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Chaupimolino, Ecuador to be faithful to the Lord and to their families.

We have one church visit scheduled in December on the 2nd. We have some informal meetings planned prior to Christmas to reconnect with friends committed to Crossworld's ministry to the people of Borja, Ecuador and surrounding areas.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bringing God's Love to Life

"Bringing God's Love to Life" has been the theme of our Crossworld Ministry presentations as we travel in November. We began at Calvary Bible Church in Derry, NH. Six ministries around the globe were represented at Calvary's annual missions conference.

 I personally enjoyed hearing from Yoshito Kato, born and raised in Tokyo, who along with his wife and family began Word of Life from nothing in Japan. Last year his wife passed away with cancer and a week later the great earthquake hit northern Japan, and a tsunami destroyed 270,000 houses and 20,000 died or were missing. Yoshito has organized students and staff to northern Japan to help tsunami survivors each weekend, They give hot meals and also distribute Bibles and tracts. He reports the ministry is going very well in Japan and the need for salvation of Japanese people is great.

Last week we joined the fellowship at Kennebec Valley Baptist Church

 Sunday Nov. 18th Liberty Baptist Church was our destination.

We have communicated with some of our Ecuadorian friends this week. Even though some have faced hardships they remain faithful to the Lord. Please keep your Ecuadorian brothers and sisters in the Lord in your prayers. Please pray they will maintain their love for the Lord so that others will come to know Jesus and receive Him as Savior.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Faithful Ministry Partners

We left  this beautiful sunrise in Belgrade at 7:00 AM to arrive in Olamon in time for Sunday School. Dan taught on coming to Christ with a Catholic background in SS and later in the morning worship preached on "Bringing God's Love to Life". Diana provided junior church to twenty eager young minds, teaching them about the place and people of Ecuador and how to be missionaries right where they are. 
Sunrise in Belgrade

Faith Bible Church of Olamon
During the evening service Dan shared our transition from Chaupimolino to Borja and the many opportunities to open God's Word with the people of Borja. Faith Bible Church has been supporting many ministries over the years and Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador through us for more than 11 years. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Our November schedule is as follows:

November 2-4 Calvary Bible Church, Derry, NH
November 10 Crossroads Bible Church, Madison, ME
November 11 Kennebec Valley Baptist Church,Waterville, ME
November 18 Liberty Baptist Church, Liberty, ME
November 25 West Rockport Baptist Church, West Rockport, ME

Thanks so much for your continuing partnership with us in prayer and giving.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spiritual Roots

The Knox Ridge Baptist Church leadership was instrumental in our spiritual growth over the years which ultimately lead to God's call in our lives to missions.  The church family is a faithful witness and we were delighted to spend six days with our dear friends and family members, sharing our personal testimonies of God's faithfulness in our lives and ministry in Ecuador. Dan preached and also gave a teaching on being Jesus to someone with a Catholic background. Diana taught missions to children's SS class.

Knox Ridge Baptist Church

It was a special privileged to share the conference with Jake and Karen (our daughter) Adams and their children. Grammy and Gram-pa gave and received lots of hugs. Jake and Karen both had opportunity to share their ministry with Village Missions in Blodgett Mills, NY. 

Jake and Karen Adams & Family
 During the ladies luncheon Karen shared her special privilege of leading Emma to Jesus one night.
Julianna and Emma
It was fun seeing the children making new friends.
Landon Quimby and Ethan Adams

To be certain there was lots of food and fellowship throughout the days of the conference. We trust God used this time to stir hearts to become even more involved in God's great work locally and around the world. We are finishing up the conference by speaking at the AWANA groups; Cubbies, Sparks and TNTs.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to "The County"

State Street Baptist Church
We returned to "The County" this week to join in a missions emphasis weekend. Our responsibilities included sharing our testimonies, teaching children, singing a special number in Spanish and lots of communication to people about missions and the great work God is doing in Ecuador. 

Joining us were missionaries involved in leadership training to Russian pastors and a missionary directing church planting to the greater Boston area. It was very exciting to learn how social networking as resulted in numerous churches involving people groups that have immigrated to the US.

Local Farm Stand 

Snow in The County!

Reminder of a Need in Borja
On the return trip to Belgrade we stopped to inquire about an ambulance. Borja is still in need of an ambulance to service the people with medical emergencies. Our desire is to help facilitate this need in order to bridge more connections with the people of Borja. This is a good opportunity to open doors with the community. Town officials will have it shipped. Our part is to make it available to them.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Visit to the County

Our travels took us north to "The County" this week and we received warm greetings from members of our supporting church in Easton, Maine. Diana was reunited with her high school friend and college roommate so there was some reminiscing.

United Baptist Church of Easton

The fall foliage was at peak for Northern Maine.
We visited one of Flewelling Farm's potato houses.
That is a lot of potatoes!
Scene from Mars Hill, Maine

"We need to love people. God loves people." Dan proclaimed from the pulpit. His message, "Bringing God's Love to Life" was well received. As we have been faithfully proclaiming God's message to His people we have been facing a family difficulty and ask for your prayers in the matter. We are strengthened for the task as you pray and are counting on you to partner with us in this manner. Thank you!

Monday, October 1, 2012

"Falling" around Maine

It has been several years since we have experienced fall in Maine. We are privileged to be traveling around Maine during this spectacular time of year. Hudson was our destination this past weekend.

Pushaw Stream
Hudson Baptist Church
Throughout the weekend in various events we shared our testimonies of God's call in our lives and what God has been doing in Ecuador through us and through others we have discipled.

Pushaw Stream, Hudson, Maine
We reconnected with old friends and made some new acquaintances, too. Hudson Baptist Church has a faithful history of supporting God's work around the world.

Our schedule for this month is as follows:

October 2 Calvary Temple, Spanish class
October 6-8 Easton United Baptist Church
October 10-14 State Street Baptist Church, Presque Isle
October 20-24 Knox Ridge Baptist Church
October 28 Faith Bible Church, Olamon

Thank you partnering with us through your prayers and faithful financial gifts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hero of Heaven

We joined the fellowship at Calvary Baptist Church in Claremont, NH for their annual missions conference held September 21-23. There         was a special emphasis on languages and how language effects the communication of God's Word.

At the conference we met a special missionary lady. Betty Camp, "Hero of Heaven" is a major contributor in the translation of the New Testament (Dues Itaumbyry) in Kurâ Rakaiel language for the Kurâ-Bakairi tribe located in Central Brazil. Betty has worked 23 years on this project which has taken 3 translation teams and over 34 years to complete. A dedication service was held June 16th of this year in which 600 New Testaments were made available to the Kurâ-Bakairi people in their heart language. Her hope is that they will now learn to live what they will now be reading. This is the second NT translation project Miss Camp has participated in and has seen completed. She served in Bolivia prior to her years in Brazil. It is sobering to think there are over 2800 people groups still without the written word of God in the world.

Dan gave the Sunday morning message encouraging others to live with purpose, bringing God's love to life through discipleship.

Please be praying as we travel to Hudson, Maine this weekend. Our desire is to see others obeying God's call to make disciples.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Traveling Downeast

Maine is a gorgeous state, especially Downeast. Dan travelled to Machias recently to share with our mission partners at Machias Valley Baptist Church. For three summers a ministry team from this area has joined us in Ecuador. 

Western Head Perserve

Machias Valley Baptist Church

Harbor and Fishing Village of Cutler

Dan spoke on "Bringing God's Love to Life" using various texts. Thank you for your partnership, making these trips possible. Please continue to pray individuals will be stirred to obey God's call to make disciples wherever God has them at present.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Canadian Connection

Our support team includes dear friends to the north. We loved returning (9/8/12) to the beautiful St. John River, Victoria Corner and Coldstream all part of New Brunswick, Canada.

Hartland, NB, home of the longest covered bridge in the World.
Coldstream Baptist Church was our home church during Dan's Bible training at NBBI.

The Rally Day festivities included a "Now and Then" demonstration of Firefighting Techniques .

Although we went to Coldstream to minister, we left ministered to and encouraged by their partnership with us in prayer and sacrificial giving. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

First Stop

Bayshore Baptist Church,
 Lincolnville Beach, Maine

Our fall tour of supporting churches has begun. We are actively sharing what God  has done and is doing through us and in the lives of Ecuadorian believers in Ecuador. The first stop took us to the coast of Maine where we were warmly greeted by the dear folks at Bayshore Baptist Church.

Please Pray:

·       As we begin the fall ministry schedule of visiting supporting churches to be good communicators and that the Holy Spirit will motivate others to get involved in God's work locally and globally.

·         For our brothers and sisters in Christ in Chaupimolino, Borja and El Chaco, Ecuador to be faithful to the Lord and to their families.


Sept. 2 Belgrade Bible Church, Maine
Sept. 8  Coldstream United Baptist Church,NB, Canada
Sept. 12-16 Machias Valley Baptist Church, Maine
Sept. 21-23 Calvary Baptist Church, Claremont, NH
Sept 28-30 Hudson Baptist Church, Maine

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and giving!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here and There

Nelly and Jessica organizing their group

While we participated in camp ministry in Maine and New Hampshire our friends from Chaupimolino were serving at Camp Eden located in the province of Bolivar, Ecuador. 

The ultimate purpose for camp is the same, to bring boys and girls to the saving knowledge of  Jesus through the teaching of God's Word.

Away from the distractions of life they have time to read and reflect on God's greater purpose for their lives.

 It is a blessing to see our dear brothers and sisters from Chaupimolino serving in leadership roles at camp. Gabriel is pictured left with the sunglasses.

Diving into God's Word

Reflecting on its content

Explaining God's truth

Everyone goes home a winner when Christ has accomplished His work in hearts and lives, transforming individuals into new creations, with purpose and a new destination. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our brothers and sisters seeking to serve God in Ecuador.