Friday, January 20, 2012



Churrona means long curls in Spanish and that is what everyone calls Elsira in Borja. We sat in a very humble wooden dwelling as Elsira told us of her childhood. It was amazing to think at the age of eight she took charge of herself and three siblings in the absence of her mother for six months. She washed clothes by hand to earn money for her family of four at that time. She told of crying out to God to help her. She said he answered her in many ways and was certain of his presence during those months of hardship. Her mother returned and did not abandon the family again. It was fun to learn Elsira has been reading her Bible faithfully and is on the second time through the entire book. She has lots of questions like; “The Bible says we are not to worship idols, is that true? Is confirmation biblical or is that a man made tradition? What does the Bible say about baptism? Is first communion biblical?”  Dan opened the Word and showed Elsira some things the Bible does say. She is thinking and God appears to be directing her. Please pray with us she will soon realize her salvation is found by faith in Jesus by God’s grace alone.

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