Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Year with New Challenges: Praise and Prayer Requests

We have a lot on our minds these days. Wednesday, the 11th Dan had an episode of not being able to talk correctly and difficulty swallowing. After meeting with a neurologist and some exams, we learned this could be caused by a form of atypical migraine without pain. He is trying a medication to prevent the reoccurrence of these symptoms. Thanks for praying for Dan to have a speedy recovery. As you can imagine, many thoughts were going through our minds during the days of exams. We found Psalms 46 especially helpful during that time.

April 26th is our planned departure date for home-assignment, HMA. Our tickets are purchased and we are looking forward to 9 months of home ministry. However, there are preparations to be done here in Ecuador before that day comes, including physical exams, paperwork, packing our belongings for storage and preparing Home ministry media and verbal presentations. We appreciate your prayers for this transition time and please contact us if you would like us to share CrossWorld’s ministry to Ecuador through the McKeen Family. We need to raise additional support during HMA to cover changes in health care coverage through CrossWorld.

Praise for:
Opportunity to share the Gospel with Luis and Maria
Milton shared the Gospel with Dorea’s husband Luis.
Dan’s recent health issue was not more serious.
House help for Diana’s parents has been a blessing.

Prayer for:
A speedy recovery for Dan
Spiritual growth of believers here in Borja
Salvation of Luis and Maria and other whom we have contact in Borja.
Children to understand their need for Salvation in Borja and Sumaco
God meeting our needs for HMA

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