Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

New Year's Eve in Borja was filled with activities.

Diana had neighbors over in the morning to make cut out cookies and have a Bible study on Romans 12: 1 and 2. These girls face a lot of pressure at a young age to conform to the world's thinking. 

The  formal festivities began in the afternoon when there was a costume contest for the children. Dan was asked to be a judge.

Gemma came later in the afternoon looking for help making a dummy to represent the old year, which would be  later burned at mid-night. She attends the weekly Bible study in our home. She brought her friend William to our home this day.

These three boys came to our door early evening dressed as widows. When the old year is burned there  are widows  left behind. The boys were looking for money or candy "to sustain them in the new year". It is sort of a Halloween tradition. These boys are or have attended Bible club at one time.

Our friend, Jazm√≠n, was chosen queen of the neighborhood  last night.  She and her mom, Ginela attend the weekly Biblestudy in our home. As a youth, she too faces a lot of peer pressure. Please pray for the youth of Borja.
The first day of 2012 we were reminded there are a lot of needy people in Borja.   Three intoxicated  people staggered by our home early this the morning. This pair when to the corner store to buy more alcohol, which they easily purchased. Diana tried unsuccessfully to stop another man, obviously in a stupor,  from returning to the driver's seat of his car.
 Many families are affected by this vice here in Borja and all over Ecuador. We desire to see all changed by the power of the Gospel. Please join us in praying for the salvation of men, women and children here in Borja.


  1. Love your new blog - good way to keep the ministry in front of us back here in Maine! Bod bless the New Year of work He has before you!

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated Diana. We are praying for the many challenges you will face in 2012 and Praise God for His work there through you all.