Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rodeo Quijos

Our friend, Manolo invited us to attend the rodeo held in Baeza where the county of Quijos is celebrating more than 450 years of history.
Band of Quijos

Recently, we asked for prayer for Luis, one of the trumpet players above. We met Luis one year ago when we thought we had to change housing. We had put a deposit on his house expecting to move there when we learned we did not need to leave the current house we are in. Luis had already invested the money to put the doors in his house so we made arrangements for him to pay us back on a monthly basis. Those monthly visits have given opportunity to talk about the Gospel with Luis and his family. Next week we are beginning a weekly study with the family. Please pray they trust Christ as Savior during the weeks to come.
Talented Horse and rider

Saludos (Greetings)

Playing Opossum 

Our friend, Sara

Nice Chaps
Vaqueros (Cowboys)

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