Friday, January 6, 2012

The Unbroken Chain

Dan had finished the weekly Bible reading and was closing the time in prayer when we heard a thump. I opened my eyes quickly to see one of the seniors lying on the floor unresponsive.  We quickly ran to her side and positioned her while shouting, “Teresa, Teresa, Can you hear me?” She had a pulse and was breathing but was unresponsive. I was hoping she would come to but it was evident we needed to get help for her. “Call an ambulance!” I shouted. “There is none,” the people replied. Unfortunately, our truck was in the garage that morning. Dan and another man ran up the street looking for a truck or car to transport Teresa to the hospital in Baeza. They returned with a pick-up truck and we loaded Teresa into the front seat. I sat behind her maintaining her head and continuing to talk to her, hoping for a response and silently praying, “Lord, don’t let her die, she isn’t ready.” It was a ten minute drive to the hospital in Baeza where upon arriving we transferred the patient to a stretcher and brought her inside. Teresa responded three hours later at the hospital and later tests revealed a blood vessel had burst in her head.  She recovered. We had a good reason to visit Teresa in her home following the incident. Dan asked her if she had died would she be certain she would have gone to heaven. Teresa said, “No, I would have gone to the fiery furnace for a while until I was purified.” We shared the Gospel message with her that day and she listened intently, but she did not respond as we would have wanted. Our friendship with her has grown and we continue to show Christ’s love to her desiring for her to be certain of her salvation. Tradition has such a hold on the people in Borja. Won’t you pray with us that this chain of bondage can be broken in the lives of many?  

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