Friday, February 10, 2012

Tres Cruces

Our Friend Richard
It was the first time we had walked a path that had to be cut with a machete. It has been raining for days so the  path was very wet and muddy. Diana was glad to be outfitted with boots and a raincoat.We had arranged a visit to Tres Cruces (Three Crosses) to visit our veterinary friend, Richard and his wife, Manuela and his family. They are spending most weekends at the farm and have many projects they are working on. The farm called, "La Manuelita"  is on 26 hectares, has a river flowing through it with three waterfalls and is rich with flora and fauna.  They have a herd of cows and are planting fruit
trees on the property. It is a beautiful place.

Richard participated in an exchange program for veterinaries in September through the University of Kentucky and returned from the US with a different worldview. Lots of questions come from him and he wants to know the roots of American history. He wants to know what makes America such a different place from Ecuador and how come the people care for their country in such a different manner. " I feel like I am on a different path now and I want to learn more." he states.

We shared some things with Richard that day: a Spanish teaching tool for dairy cow health, our testimonies and Bible. With wonder he said to us, "I can't understand how come you would leave the US to come here." We talked about living with eternity in view and he expressed interest in knowing more. He was encouraged to pray for God to reveal Himself to him. Please join us in prayer for this family to know God's perfect plan for salvation.

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