Monday, February 27, 2012

What does it take...

What does it take in a Catholic culture to be Jesus to them?  They know Jesus…but what does it look like to really “be Jesus” to this kind of culture?

Initial reactions of the people in Borja towards us were fear and distrust. We experienced people crossing themselves, crossing the street or turning their backs when we were approaching. When looking for a place to rent, there were comments toward the landlady like, “What are you doing? We are Catholics here!”  After organizing a Christmas program for the children of the town in which the Gospel was presented, the town’s people organized a march declaring, “We are Catholics.” 

We recognized our involvement in the community was important therefore we began attending most public events and participating in areas of need such as needs for children and the elderly. We collaborated with existing programs such as vacation school for children adding ideas, personnel and the Gospel. We attended the meals program for the elderly which gave Dan opportunity to share God’s Word.  Whatever else presented itself; we were available to help with physical or spiritual needs.  

People of Borja have commented that the Catholic Church is not “helping” the people. We have witnessed the Catholic Church not helping families when facing the loss of a loved one. If they don’t have the money for the mass the priest refuses the service. There is a distinction between the treatment of the rich and the treatment of the poor within the Catholic Church in Borja. People have noticed we are helping everyone with no distinctions of social class. Through the provision of teams we made reading glasses available and donated tooth brushes to local schools and to the dentist.  It is very important to participate in the community in Borja showing solidarity. We are still in hopes the Lord will provide an ambulance for the town of Borja. Eventually, the people were less afraid and this has given us many opportunities to meet people from various professions here in Borja and many have become our friends. Hence we have many opportunities to share the Gospel. 

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  1. I'm very interested in your work in Borja. I've commnuicated this before, but I would love to have my family get involved in small ways - it would be especially great for our kids who are home schooled. For now we will pray and ask the Lord how we can be of service. Thanks for your leadership in Borja!