Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Madness

We began March with a time of spiritual refreshment with our co-workers  in a  Bible Conference brought by David Groh, who was accompanied by his wife. It was a time of good fellowship around God's Word. Little did we know this  spiritual recharge would help us face impending challenges.
Our daughter, Amanda, has faced health problems and we are in process moving back to Pifo to help her at this time. She will not be able to continue her responsibilities at Alliance Academy and will be returning to the U.S. with us in April. Please pray for her health and transition.
Borja is receiving a lot of rain right now. Pictured above is a recent mudslide .
The Lord sent help for moving our belongs back to Pifo. We are so grateful .

One more trip will bring the few remaining items and allow for cleaning.
These changes are allowing a transition time for the ministry in Borja and El Chaco before we leave for home-assignment. Dan with the aide of his friend, Milton, will be making trips to Borja in the remaining weeks of our stay in Ecuador. Milton and Darwin have committed to helping the ministry in our absence. We are appreciating your prayers right now for the people of Borja and El Chaco as they adjust to these changes.

Our tickets are purchased for our return to the U.S. April 26th for our home assignment. We will be living in Belgrade, Maine beside our son, Mark and his family.

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