Sunday, April 22, 2012

La Despedida (The Farewell)

Today was very meaningful as we reflected on God's faithfulness to the Chaupimolino Church over the last six years. Dan encouraged the brethren to remain faithful in the race set before them as proclaimed in Hebrews 12.  May God be glorified in all he has done and is doing  in the lives of these dear ones. What a great privilege God gave us to be present and actively involved in the spiritual growth of many. It gives us great joy to witness believers discipling others to a personal relationship to Jesus. Tears, hugs and a great time of food and fellowship followed the service.
Our Brothers and Sisters from The Church of the Good Shepherd Chaupimolino 2012

The Church of the Good Shepherd Chaupimolino 2007 

Special Friends from South Quito

 Please be praying for your brothers and sisters in Ecuador to continue to be faithful to God's Word and that they will lead others to a personal walk with Jesus.

Please be praying for a safe journey for us on Thursday, April 26th and that connections will be timely. We are leaving Quito at 6:10 a.m.,on to Colombia, Miami and then Boston 8:30 p.m.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Your Spiritual Connection

We made our last trip to Borja to say good-bye to our friends and to encourage them to be faithful to the Lord in our absence. Our friends, Milton and Anita will be visiting Borja every two weeks to spiritually encourage those with whom we have had contact. Please be praying for each family represented to faithfully read God's Word, obey it and share it with others.
Two of the Tres Marias Waterfalls


Percy, Mercedes and family live in El Chaco. Pray for their faithfulness to the Lord.

Marcelo, Rosanna came to know the Lord in Spain, they live in Borja with their family. Pray for them to continuing maturing in Christ.

We met Luis, Maria and family when we were looking for housing in Borja. Pray for their spiritual growth as new Christians.

Carlos and Alicia were our neighbors. Two of their adult children live in Borja. Pray for them to understand God's Word and apply what they are learning to their lives.

Dorea has nine adult children and lives in Borja. Pray for the salvation of her husband and children.

Thank you for your prayers for these families. Please also pray for Manolo and Elsa, Luis and Ginela, Genma and William, Sixto and Veronica, Nelly and Andres, Meybi and the Minda Family. Your spiritual connection will go far in helping these people to continue knowing Jesus and the great salvation that truly knowing Him brings.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Holy Week" in Quito

The most important religious event of Ecuador is the Holy Week procession in the city of Quito. It is the procession of the cones, where following a Spanish tradition, believers march covered by purple robes. Quito, Ecuador. 14/04/2006
Jesus del Gran Poder ( Jesus Almighty) is a procession celebrated in the streets of Quito during "Holy Week". It is the most important religious event of Ecuador and includes the cones, the most devoted who march covered by purple robes following a Spanish tradition. Please follow the link for more photos and information.

Holy Week in Quito

On the news last night we heard testimonies of participants claiming it brings great peace to participate in the event. Some were walking in chains and others carrying large crosses as a form of penitence. There is still a great need for Ecuadorian people to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

The Fanesca Soup is also a tradition associated with Holy Week. Some say it is an Inca tradition, others say it was brought by Christians. Please follow the link to learn of the religious significance.

The Fanesca Recipe includes 12 grains, vegetables, fish, cheese and other flavorful items. It is served with fried dough, hard-boiled eggs and sliced of sweet plantain. We will be enjoying Fanesca with Arroz con Leche after church in Chaupimolino this Sunday.