Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Holy Week" in Quito

The most important religious event of Ecuador is the Holy Week procession in the city of Quito. It is the procession of the cones, where following a Spanish tradition, believers march covered by purple robes. Quito, Ecuador. 14/04/2006
Jesus del Gran Poder ( Jesus Almighty) is a procession celebrated in the streets of Quito during "Holy Week". It is the most important religious event of Ecuador and includes the cones, the most devoted who march covered by purple robes following a Spanish tradition. Please follow the link for more photos and information.

Holy Week in Quito

On the news last night we heard testimonies of participants claiming it brings great peace to participate in the event. Some were walking in chains and others carrying large crosses as a form of penitence. There is still a great need for Ecuadorian people to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

The Fanesca Soup is also a tradition associated with Holy Week. Some say it is an Inca tradition, others say it was brought by Christians. Please follow the link to learn of the religious significance.

The Fanesca Recipe includes 12 grains, vegetables, fish, cheese and other flavorful items. It is served with fried dough, hard-boiled eggs and sliced of sweet plantain. We will be enjoying Fanesca with Arroz con Leche after church in Chaupimolino this Sunday.

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