Friday, May 25, 2012

Reentry: Reconnected and Recharged

It was a week filled with opportunities and we are leaving Kansas City with a bigger view of Crossworld and are excited about what our great God is doing in people's lives and through them in their service to God all over the world. The Cross-world international staff who attended are living examples of Acts 1:8 in Bosnia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Haiti, Senegal and Ukraine. Their ministries take many forms such as: soccer camps, international student groups, dorm parents, leadership training and prison ministry to women, but all are disciple-makers bringing God’s love to life. Reentry also provided training in; How to Measure a Ministry’s Impact, How to Mobilize Others, Relating to Today’s Churches, Child Safety, Improving Communication and Developing Support. The group of like-minded individuals and home staff provided a sweet environment of worship, testimony and prayer.

Prayer for:
  •      Milton and Anita are making bi-weekly trips to Borja
  •       Darwin and Nelly are taking the lead in Chaupimolino
  •       We begin to visit supporting churches in June
  •       Preparations for camping ministry in July
Family Matters:

  • Jake and Karen in ministry, Blodgett Mills, NY.
  • Amanda is looking for work.
  • Mark and Alicia, Mark is working plus ministry.
  • Kevin is working and in ministry in West Rockport.
Thank you for you partnership in Crossworld's ministry through us!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Instruments for Ministry

God has provided Darwin with a new car, a 1980 Chevy Condor!

This car is an important ministry tool. Thank you for your prayers for Darwin and Nelly, leaders at the Chaupimolino Church.

Thank you for your prayers for Darwin and Nelly as they continue in ministry in Chaupimolino, Ecuador and surrounding areas.

What it is & What it is not

Dan and Diana’s Home Ministry: What it is & what it is not

We, your missionaries,  are called to minister to people. Incorporated into this is our personal testimony concerning God’s sovereignty in life’s choices, goals and values.  

We, your missionaries, are accountable to sending churches and individuals. We are ready to report what God is doing in the work and involve home churches in our ministry.

We, your missionaries, represent our ministry area and mission: its organization, opportunities, projects, needs and vision.

We,  your missionaries challenge people to serve overseas.

Benefits to the local Church
·         An up-to-date vision for world missions.
·         A challenge to prayer for the unreached.
·         An education in missions and overseas ministries.
·         A stimulus toward dedication to Christian service.
·         A challenge to the faith of God’s people.
·         An occasion for church members to know missionaries personally.
·         A visible proof that God is working through people and that some are responding to His commission to  go.
·         A renewed understanding of how we are all part of a team.
·         A new opportunity for personal involvement in missions.

Misconceptions about Home Ministry

Home Ministry is not accrued vacation. We, your missionaries fulfill duties related to home churches, the mission and the ministry area they serve.

Home ministry is not primarily fund raising, but God provides through His people as they gain vision of what He is doing abroad.

Home Ministry is not always easy as we, your missionaries face much travel, irregular schedules and weariness. However it is a wonderful time of renewed friendships, fellowship, opportunities for personal growth and development as well as for much-needed spiritual and physical renewal.

Please be praying as we serve you, the local church, in this way.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Travel days

April 26th was a travel day for us. We left Quito at 6:10 a.m. then traveled to Columbia for a 2 hour lay over. Later we arrived in Miami getting through customs and rechecking our bags with 20 minutes to spare. We are so thankful you prayed for us to make our connections in a timely manner. By 8:40 we arrived in Boston and caught the bus to Portland at 9:45. By 1:30 a.m. we fell into our beds in Belgrade, Maine.

Our daughter, Amanda traveled with us. It was good to have her along as we were all a bit stressed that day. Please be praying for her transition back to the US.

It was a joy to attend Kevin's graduation at New Brunswick Bible Institute the 29th of April. Kevin will be working in West Rockport and helping in the ministry at West Rockport Baptist Church this summer.

Here is Jodie, one of our six grandchildren. We will be neighbors during this nine month home-assignment. She is the daughter of Mark and Alicia. Thank you for praying as we settle in to our new surroundings and continue to prepare for visiting churches, camp ministry and reconnect with family and friends.