Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What it is & What it is not

Dan and Diana’s Home Ministry: What it is & what it is not

We, your missionaries,  are called to minister to people. Incorporated into this is our personal testimony concerning God’s sovereignty in life’s choices, goals and values.  

We, your missionaries, are accountable to sending churches and individuals. We are ready to report what God is doing in the work and involve home churches in our ministry.

We, your missionaries, represent our ministry area and mission: its organization, opportunities, projects, needs and vision.

We,  your missionaries challenge people to serve overseas.

Benefits to the local Church
·         An up-to-date vision for world missions.
·         A challenge to prayer for the unreached.
·         An education in missions and overseas ministries.
·         A stimulus toward dedication to Christian service.
·         A challenge to the faith of God’s people.
·         An occasion for church members to know missionaries personally.
·         A visible proof that God is working through people and that some are responding to His commission to  go.
·         A renewed understanding of how we are all part of a team.
·         A new opportunity for personal involvement in missions.

Misconceptions about Home Ministry

Home Ministry is not accrued vacation. We, your missionaries fulfill duties related to home churches, the mission and the ministry area they serve.

Home ministry is not primarily fund raising, but God provides through His people as they gain vision of what He is doing abroad.

Home Ministry is not always easy as we, your missionaries face much travel, irregular schedules and weariness. However it is a wonderful time of renewed friendships, fellowship, opportunities for personal growth and development as well as for much-needed spiritual and physical renewal.

Please be praying as we serve you, the local church, in this way.

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