Sunday, June 24, 2012

God has Changed and is Changing Lives

Love, laughter and tears dominated the reunion of those who had traveled to Ecuador on a short-term mission trip over the past three years. As we viewed media of those trips I was struck how our own obedience to God's call to Ecuador in full-time ministry had impacted many and those forever changed through their obedience to God's call to make a short-term trip a reality had a ripple effect touching many more lives. Here are some testimonies from those who attended the reunion:

"It is amazing how God had been weaving events together for years before any of us were aware. "

"I used to think only of myself, but God used this trip to help me see the needs of others."

" I was able to share Christ with my unsaved parents, who then got saved!"

" I had never experienced such a connection with people I had only known for a week."

" I have learned discipleship is as simple as reading God's Word with another, but is the most rewarding."

" I experienced God's family in a multicultural setting and I want other people to be a part of that family."

"Our family is planning to attend Crossworld's Candidate orientation this fall."

There is no doubt a short- term mission's trip is a  life changing event, which effects can be seen and felt for eternity.

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