Monday, June 11, 2012

The Impact of Church

View from Knox Ridge

Arriving at  Knox RidgeBaptist Church early Sunday morning gave Dan and myself time to reflect on the impact ministries of this church has had in our own lives. I received Christ at the early age of 9 through the faithful teaching of my Sunday School teachers and later at age 13  I was baptized and became an active member of the church. The leadership and the church supported me later when I became a summer missionary with CEF. Not too many years later, David and Jean McKeen and family became active members at KRBC. Dan and I became acquainted and the friendship developed into a relationship. Thirty years ago on June 26, 1982 Dan and I were married at KRBC..

Knox Ridge Baptist Church

Although it was a process, faithful teaching of God's Word and intentional discipleship served to spiritually mature Dan and myself to the point of wanting to serve the Lord full time in ministry. We left language school in Costa Rica in 2000 and for Ecuador in 2001. Our journey has been one full of God's blessing and at the same time full of life's challenges. We are forever grateful for the body of believers who represent this church both now and in the past for their faithful ministry to many and especially to us as we continue following God's leading in our lives.

Dan was privileged to share God's Word in S.S. and in the AM Service using examples from ministry experiences in Ecuador. We are thankful for the continuing opportunities to share what our Great God is doing in Ecuador and in our lives. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and giving, making this possible.

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