Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here and There

Nelly and Jessica organizing their group

While we participated in camp ministry in Maine and New Hampshire our friends from Chaupimolino were serving at Camp Eden located in the province of Bolivar, Ecuador. 

The ultimate purpose for camp is the same, to bring boys and girls to the saving knowledge of  Jesus through the teaching of God's Word.

Away from the distractions of life they have time to read and reflect on God's greater purpose for their lives.

 It is a blessing to see our dear brothers and sisters from Chaupimolino serving in leadership roles at camp. Gabriel is pictured left with the sunglasses.

Diving into God's Word

Reflecting on its content

Explaining God's truth

Everyone goes home a winner when Christ has accomplished His work in hearts and lives, transforming individuals into new creations, with purpose and a new destination. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our brothers and sisters seeking to serve God in Ecuador.

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