Monday, August 6, 2012

On the Road in July

Family Fun

One week in July we traveled to Blodgett Mills, NY to be with Jake and Karen and their busy family. We got in as much Gramma and Grampa time we had energy for! Dan and Jake got in some fishing, while Diana and Karen got in some garden time.




Camp Good News, NH

Silly Songs and fun activity filled the week of camp at Camp Good News NH. We were teamed up with Pastor David Colwell, who presented God's Word using his talents as a chalk artist. Dan directed missionary moments during the week giving the challenge to children and workers to get busy being missionaries right now.  

We were honored guests at the Missionary Banquet Thursday evening, but the highlight of the week was the Campfire that evening where many children gave testimony of coming to Christ through the teaching of God's Word, Other children purposed to put God first in their lives stating their desire to share Jesus and God's Word with their families.

Looking Ahead

Please pray as we begin the fall ministry schedule of visiting supporting churches to be good communicators and that the Holy Spirit will motivate others to get involved in God's work locally and globally.

Please pray  for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Chaupimolino, Borja and El Chaco, Ecuador to be faithful to the Lord and to their families.

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