Monday, October 1, 2012

"Falling" around Maine

It has been several years since we have experienced fall in Maine. We are privileged to be traveling around Maine during this spectacular time of year. Hudson was our destination this past weekend.

Pushaw Stream
Hudson Baptist Church
Throughout the weekend in various events we shared our testimonies of God's call in our lives and what God has been doing in Ecuador through us and through others we have discipled.

Pushaw Stream, Hudson, Maine
We reconnected with old friends and made some new acquaintances, too. Hudson Baptist Church has a faithful history of supporting God's work around the world.

Our schedule for this month is as follows:

October 2 Calvary Temple, Spanish class
October 6-8 Easton United Baptist Church
October 10-14 State Street Baptist Church, Presque Isle
October 20-24 Knox Ridge Baptist Church
October 28 Faith Bible Church, Olamon

Thank you partnering with us through your prayers and faithful financial gifts.

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