Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bringing God's Love to Life

"Bringing God's Love to Life" has been the theme of our Crossworld Ministry presentations as we travel in November. We began at Calvary Bible Church in Derry, NH. Six ministries around the globe were represented at Calvary's annual missions conference.

 I personally enjoyed hearing from Yoshito Kato, born and raised in Tokyo, who along with his wife and family began Word of Life from nothing in Japan. Last year his wife passed away with cancer and a week later the great earthquake hit northern Japan, and a tsunami destroyed 270,000 houses and 20,000 died or were missing. Yoshito has organized students and staff to northern Japan to help tsunami survivors each weekend, They give hot meals and also distribute Bibles and tracts. He reports the ministry is going very well in Japan and the need for salvation of Japanese people is great.

Last week we joined the fellowship at Kennebec Valley Baptist Church

 Sunday Nov. 18th Liberty Baptist Church was our destination.

We have communicated with some of our Ecuadorian friends this week. Even though some have faced hardships they remain faithful to the Lord. Please keep your Ecuadorian brothers and sisters in the Lord in your prayers. Please pray they will maintain their love for the Lord so that others will come to know Jesus and receive Him as Savior.

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