Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year but Always in His Time

When you return, Danielito, you will see we have been changing,” states Alisha from Borja, Ecuador. It has been reported to us that Alisha and her husband, Carlos, made the decision to not sell alcohol in their store as was their custom. God worked in their hearts and realized this practice was not pleasing to God. It gives us great assurance that God is faithfully working even in our physical absence in Borja.

We learned the landlord of our home in Borja was tragically killed. This is very sad news as he had not, to our knowledge, received Christ as Savior. It serves as a sad reminder there are countless others in Borja and surrounding communities who do not know Jesus.

The timing of our return to Ecuador is ever before us as we consider two family issues; Diana’s parent's needs and our daughter’s struggles and lack of independence at this time. We have requested from Crossworld to extend our HMA (Home Assignment) for three months. We ask for your prayers for our discernment and wisdom on when to return to Ecuador. Please pray for our daughter’s spiritual and physical healing, Diana parents' health and safety and for our spiritual and emotional strength. 

Our schedule:

January 20 at Crossroads Bible Church in Madison, Maine
January 27 at East Hodgdon Bible Church, Maine

Gratefulness fills our hearts for your continuing commitment to Crossworld’s ministry to the people of Borja, Ecuador through us. Our heart desire is that many more people will come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and then mature in Him. It is a great privilege to continue to follow God’s call even though we find ourselves here in North America instead of South America at this time. 

We are trusting God's blessings in your lives as you continue to obey Him.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas: Through the eyes of a Child

The last few months we have been traveling each weekend visiting churches which are committed to partnering with us in Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador through us. We are grateful for each one.

Now we are enjoying some Grandma and Grandpa time!

Dear Jodie

Grandpa Time with Kendra
We joined friends from Lisbon, Maine and took in a live nativity performance.
Live Nativity in Lewiston
The theme of the event was called "Christmas through the eyes of a child".

Carriage Rides were offered
Currently we are in Blodgett Mills, NY enjoying a visit with Jake & Karen and four grandchildren. It is especially sweet to be stateside enjoying the Christmas season with family.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Begins

The weather was not delightful and the traveling a little bit frightful on an icy December 2nd when we set out for a visit to The Church of the Open Bible in Athens, Maine. We did have a great visit with the dear people of Athens and surrounding areas. It was especially fun to be reunited with some special friends who traveled to Pifo, Ecuador to join a work team last summer. 
Athens, Maine
Closing prayer
We sang and enjoyed traditional Christmas songs with the congregation. It was special to us because in Ecuador there is not a lot of emphasis on Christmas songs. Dan brought the challenge from John 15:9-17. After the service, Dan was approached by some saying they had someone in mind they would like to disciple.

I had the privilege to be the main speaker at West Rockport Baptist Church's Christmas Candlelight Dessert the evening of  December 3. The focus of the message was how we respond to God directed changes in our lives using Mary's example found in Luke Chapter 1. Over 100 ladies participated in this special event and I trust God used His Word to challenge hearts to salvation and to obedience. 
One of 18 beautifully decorated tables

Thank you so much for your faithful partnership with us.
We do appreciate  your faithful prayers and giving.