Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year but Always in His Time

When you return, Danielito, you will see we have been changing,” states Alisha from Borja, Ecuador. It has been reported to us that Alisha and her husband, Carlos, made the decision to not sell alcohol in their store as was their custom. God worked in their hearts and realized this practice was not pleasing to God. It gives us great assurance that God is faithfully working even in our physical absence in Borja.

We learned the landlord of our home in Borja was tragically killed. This is very sad news as he had not, to our knowledge, received Christ as Savior. It serves as a sad reminder there are countless others in Borja and surrounding communities who do not know Jesus.

The timing of our return to Ecuador is ever before us as we consider two family issues; Diana’s parent's needs and our daughter’s struggles and lack of independence at this time. We have requested from Crossworld to extend our HMA (Home Assignment) for three months. We ask for your prayers for our discernment and wisdom on when to return to Ecuador. Please pray for our daughter’s spiritual and physical healing, Diana parents' health and safety and for our spiritual and emotional strength. 

Our schedule:

January 20 at Crossroads Bible Church in Madison, Maine
January 27 at East Hodgdon Bible Church, Maine

Gratefulness fills our hearts for your continuing commitment to Crossworld’s ministry to the people of Borja, Ecuador through us. Our heart desire is that many more people will come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and then mature in Him. It is a great privilege to continue to follow God’s call even though we find ourselves here in North America instead of South America at this time. 

We are trusting God's blessings in your lives as you continue to obey Him.

Happy New Year!

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