Saturday, December 28, 2013

Focused on Him: Mikayla Jean McKeen

Our son Mark writes:
Focused on Him: Mikayla Jean McKeen: Born today at 31.5 weeks.  She weighs 2 lbs and 1 ounce.  Please pray for her development. We are so thankful for the chance to hold her hand...

Monday, December 23, 2013

At All Times and in All Places

Ready for the Christmas Program In Borja
Christmas Greetings,

We take great comfort in knowing God is working at all times and in all places to reconcile lost people to Himself. The adoration of Jesus has an aspect of coming near to Him as our personal Savior. Many in Borja have not experienced the joy of coming near to a personal savior. This reality is ever before us as we listen to the struggles of people, our friends here in Borja and in surrounding areas that have not trusted Christ yet. Others, who have come to Christ, seem to be in a terrific battle to put God’s Word into practice on a daily basis. The traditions ingrained into the fabric of their lives seem nearly impossible to leave behind.
Crossworld exists to place disciple-makers in the thick of where lost people live. That is what we are about here in Borja and surrounding areas. Because of disciple-making efforts we are seeing some break free from their traditions to put God’s Word into practice. Vicente recently came to know Jesus from the faithful witness of his son, Fidel. Fidel was saved two years ago and had been praying for someone to disciple his newly saved father. He learned about us through a pastor in Mulauco and came to meet with us. Fidel was overjoyed when he heard missionaries live in Borja who can help his father grow in his faith. How exciting to hear how God is bringing others to himself and how privileged we are to help people to discover how God’s Word applies to their lives and how they too can adore a living Savior.
Our ministry can only be done with the partnership of supporters and advocates like yourselves. We are part of the community of Borja now and continue to bring God’s love to life on a daily basis. Through your prayers, personal encouragement and financial partnership we are able to continue living here in Borja, Ecuador pursuing leads to present the Gospel and teaching God’s Word to men, women and children. We appreciate your partnership with us through your local church and Crossworld.                                                                                                            
Praise God:
Dan had four opportunities this past week to share the God's Word publicly. A church in Baeza invited all groups involved in discipleships in Baeza, Borja, Guagrayacu, By-Pass, Chaco and Cosanga to come together. More than 80 gathered for a wonderful time of praise, worship and God's Word to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thirty people came from Borja to join the event. We wish you could have all been there!
Pray for:
·         Spiritual understanding for those attending study.
          The Lord's plan as we are running out of space in our living room.
·         The couples we are working with, their marriages and families.
          Salvation of new and old contacts.

A Heartfelt Thank-you and a Very Merry Christmas!

Dan and Diana

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Crafts Bring Opportunities

Christmas crafts bring opportunities  

Christmas is in the air here in Borja as we see homes and cedar trees adorned with decorations. We have special opportunities to be in the community these days. Dan has been asked to give a Christmas reflection with a group of seniors celebrating Christmas together the 21st of this month. Diana attended a meeting of parents of first graders in the local school and taught two Christmas crafts with those in attendance. These kind of events provide an icebreaker to meet new people in town.

Praise for:

We had opportunity to hear testimonies and encourage a small group of believers involved in discipleship in nearby Baeza. It was a great time of mutual encouragement and to see how God is working both in Borja and Baeza.

We had our Romanian friend over for supper. He shared his life story with us. Please pray for Avram to see his need for Jesus.

Good attendance at Weds. evening Bible study with five new visitors.

John Rosado organized a Christmas outreach in Milagro de Dios, a coastal town. Twenty five believers from a number of churches including Chaupimolino assisted in the event that brought more than 200 to hear the Gospel.

Pray for:   

Spiritual understanding for those attending Bible study.

The Lord's direction, we are running out of space in our living room.

The couples we are working with, their marriages and families.

Opportunities to share the Gospel during Christmas events.

Changes in schedules after meeting with Crossworld leadership, church leaders and doctors.

Thank you for your partnership with us! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thank You

Ministry began early this morning when a child came to the gate asking for help for his little
brother who had been beaten by the mother. The financial situation is difficult for the mom, who works long hours for little pay. This keeps her away from her family most of the time. Lack of disciple in the children causes problems for them at home and at school. At a recent gathering of school parents many complained publicly about these children in front of the mother. Needless to say, the mother is stressed. I spent some time with the family early this morning and assisted getting the children off to school. All this mother's energy is spent on day to day survival. Because of financial gifts, both from churches and individuals, to Crossworld's ministry here in Ecuador we are able to give some financial relief to the family purchasing groceries and helping with school costs. Of course their greater need is spiritual and with basic needs being met I am able to talk of God's love and care. We live in a land of constant needs and opportunities to show and share the core of the Gospel, God's unconditional love for sinful mankind. Thank you so much for your financial partnership we are depending on you! May you all have a truly blessed Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

While Away

 People need Jesus. We heard firsthand accounts of discipleship opportunities from Crossworld missionaries around the globe during a week long visionary conference at Crossworld's home office in October. It was inspiring to hear how God is opening doors for the Gospel through traditional and non-traditional methods. Crossworld has published stories of discipleship happening around the globe on their website. Please be praying how God would have you to be a part of what He is doing globally.
Photo taken by Clay King
While away from San Francisco de Borja, Ecuador ministry continued as a group of short-term missionaries from Tennessee traveled to Borja to make friends, assisted with English in the local Catholic High School and lead an in home Bible study. We trust their contact with the people of Borja and Baeza will have a lasting impact on both those who ministered and those ministered to. Our friend, Milton, also visited contacts in Borja while we are away. Please continue to pray for more laborers in this needy area.

Josiah and Elijah

While we were gone our daughter, Karen, gave birth to twin boys. We were in the Miami airport returning to Quito when we heard the news. Initially there were some medical concerns with the boys, but they are now doing very well. Please pray for the family in this time of adjustment. We are in Maine at present and returning to Ecuador the 21st.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Prayer and Praise

Praise for:
• Jon received the Lord
• New people attending Bible study
• Attendance improving, record 28 this week.
• Several opportunities to share the Gospel

Prayer for:
• Those attending study will be certain of their salvation
• Jon and Kim, her salvation and their spiritual growth
• Antonio, a new believer with serious health problems
• God's wisdom for next steps in the ministry here in Borja
• We are traveling to Crossworld's home office Oct.14th and returning to Ecuador the 26th.

Family Matters:
Jake and Karen's unborn twin's are over 4 lbs each now (due date 11/28).
Amanda is moving to NC in Nov., pray for God's direction.
Kevin and Emily continue in ministry in West Rockport, Maine.

Thank you for your continuing partnership with Crossworld through us in prayer and giving.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Join us in Praise!

Your Prayers for Our Baby are Being Answered

Alicia and the baby have had normal two-week checkups for the number of weeks
 since we found out about the trisomy 18 syndrome. The baby's heart rate has been
 consistent around 160, and we have just continued to pray for miraculous healing
 for our baby girl. We have received many encouraging emails and messages from
 friends and family that are praying for us. There are a number of churches that we
 have had contact with that are praying for us and our baby.

Today we had an ultrasound appointment with a doctor from Portland. After the
 ultrasound technician took a bunch of pictures and measurements, the specialist
doctor came in. Just for a little background, we saw this doctor when the cystic
 hygroma was first diagnosed. He was quite focused on the percentages that were
stacked against us. When he came in he looked for a bit at the ultrasound of our baby,
 then said:

"It is abnormal when a baby with trisomy 18 has organs as well-developed as this."

The kidneys looked normal. The heart looked normal as far as they could tell. The
 hands and feet seem to be developing normal. the height and weight is average or just
 under average. The doctor kept saying things like, "this baby just isn't following
 trisomy 18 protocol" and, "its not normal". The technician kept saying, "I'm trying
 to find the normal anomalies for trisomy 18." She couldn't find them. The cystic
 hygroma (fluid under the baby's skin) has cleared up on its own. Finally, the doctor
 said, "I see no reason why this baby shouldn't make it full term and be born alive."

We were in shock for this good news! God has heard us and is answering our prayers.
We are overjoyed to hear that our baby is developing much better than expected.
 We praise the Lord for his working and are just so moved to be a part of this miracle.

Our baby's future is not without challenges. The only thing that concerned the doctor
 was there is a possible underdevelopment in the front part of the baby's brain. It is still
 early--only 18 weeks--but please keep praying for our baby's growth and development.

Thank you for holding us up before the Lord. Your prayers are being answered every
day! We are looking forward to continued answer to prayer and meeting our little girl!
"I will sing unto the Lord, for he hath dealt bountifully with me" Psalm 13:6

Thursday, September 19, 2013

School is a Luxury for Some

" Senorita Diana, I have homework." proclaimed Antoni from the gate. They were welcome words as Antoni and his brother were not going to attend school this year without financial help. Your financial support has helped Antoni, Jose Luis and Wendy attend school this year. Helping them with homework and checking in with their parents and teachers concerning their progress will be my responsibility. This connection also allows opportunity to share Jesus with the children, parents and teachers. One teacher has asked for weekly to help with English Class. Thank you so much for your partnership in prayer and giving, making Crossworld's ministry to the people of Borja, Ecuador through us possible.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In a Timely Manner

"What are we going to do today?" was the point of discussion early Wednesday morning between Dan and myself. It was decided we would complete a couple of business transactions in the neighboring town of El Chaco to start off the day. Nearing the bus stop in Borja, we realized our friend, William, was standing there. Stopping to ask where he was headed, we learned he, too, was going to El Chaco. He climbed aboard and off we went. On the way we learned our teacher friend, Gemma, had been told, just yesterday, she was being assigned a different school in El Chaco and school is beginning tomorrow! After dropping William off we headed to Gemma's new school. We didn't find her so we headed to her former school where we did find her. Our being present was very timely as we helped clean and transfer her classroom items including furniture to the new location. The change has been stressful for her. It was of God we were able to encourage her in a timely manner. As we were leaving the director of the school thanked us saying our visit was at the precise moment. Isn't that how God works? 

  Please pray:
  • for the salvation of family members of our former landlord.
  • for the salvation of 4 farmers and their families.
  • for spiritual growth in those we are discipling.
  • for God to send help for the ministry in Borja, Baeza and El Chaco.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

McKeen Family Update

Won't you join us in prayer for the following?

Please pray for Jake, Karen and family as they are in a transition time.

They write,” After four years of giving to the ministry in Blodgett Mills, the Lord is calling us away to rest. The mission has given us a period of six months to step away from pastoral ministry to rest, to be recharged spiritually and to get refocused. We will not be returning to Blodgett Mills. Right now, we do not know what the Lord has for us at the end of this period, but we know He will reveal that to us in His time." Jake and Karen are in Kansas City this week spending time with and receiving direction from Village Missions, their sending agency. Karen is six months along in her pregnancy with twin boys.

Amanda has been working with children through a home care agency since June. She currently lives in Bangor, Maine. Please pray for her and her friend, Nick.

McKeen Baby Update

After testing, Mark and Alicia got a call from a genetic counselor and were told their baby has trisomy 18 syndrome. This is very difficult news. Only a very small very percentage of babies that have this problem are born alive. Of those that are born alive, less than ten percent will make it past their first birthday. Most babies with T18 will have severe developmental defects.
Please lift up their baby to the Lord with us. Pray for strength for Mark and
Alicia as they work through all this. He writes, “We have never felt so helpless. The baby is so close to us, yet we can do nothing. The Lord is certainly teaching us to lean on Him through this. God’s will is perfect and His sovereign hand is working.”

Thank you to all who have been and will be praying. You have been a tremendous support to the family.Please check Mark’s blog, Focused on Him for more updates.

Kevin and Emily write, "We had a great and encouraging time last night meeting with WOL leader, Eric Brown, and the Olympian and Teen leaders for this coming year at West Rockport Baptist Church!" Please pray they stay encouraged as the serve the Lord in Maine.

 Thank you for partnering with us in prayer. It keeps us encouraged!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I have Jesus

The closing day of VBS in Borja was filled with emotion. It had come to the director's attention that during the song, "I Have So Much", specifically after singing the phase,"I have my parents to be thankful for" that some children did not sing or tears were streaming down their faces. One girl shared she didn't have a father. Darwin, the director, recounted his childhood to the children speaking of his own father who was often absent and when the father was in the home he was so miserable he wished he wasn't there. "You have a faithful father in Jesus.", Darwin went on to share with the children, "Jesus will not abandon you, ever." It was internalized by one fatherless child, who told of his difficult home situation. He later smiled and said to his leader, "Now I have Jesus."

Fun with a Purpose
Great Ministry Team from Chaupimolino Church

 We are thankful for the collaboration we received from both the town of Borja and Baeza. Diana delivered 3 official letters and met with the president of Borja in preparation for the event.Two local farmers donated milk for snacks and others helped provide housing for team members. Public facilities were available for our use. The municipality assisted with public radio announcements of the event. A member of the town council assisted with food for team members. Local police assisted in announcing the event using the loudspeaker of the patrol car. All these connections are important because we are meeting more people.

We want to especially express our appreciation to you because your prayers and gifts to Crossworld on our behalf make this ministry possible. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Some days are overwhelming to us as we see spiritual needs here in Borja and the surrounding areas of Baeza and El Chaco. The openness of the people is before us and we are burdened for their souls. 

Here a few of the many opportunities before us:

  -Town officials in Borja and Baeza are supporting VBS in both areas. Chaupimolino Church is partnering with us for VBS.

-Dan is sharing bi-monthly with a group in El Chaco. The leader of the group asked for teaching on values and spiritual help. Some members of the group have approached Dan for spiritual help.

-Dan is sharing a devotional with the seniors twice weekly.

- We are meeting with several families regularly in Borja and El Chaco.

- Discipleship with children in Borja.

Please be Praying for:

  God to stir hearts to serve Him is these needy areas.

  VBS August 12-16 in Borja and Baeza.

  Spiritual growth in new believers.

  God to open the eyes of the blind to truth.

  Salvation of Dan's friend

  Balance and strength

  Ministry Area meeting August 20

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Disciples

It wasn’t long before they found us. Friday we were greeted by twelve familiar faces at the gate. We had not announced the beginning of Bible Club but they came ready and eager to do some activities together. I didn’t feel prepared but wanted to take advantage of the situation so found the first lesson in a series called, “Explorers of the Bible” and we began to talk about who is God and some of His attributes. The children took turns reading verses and answering questions. It is so important in this culture to emphasize God’s love as generally speaking the people think of God as a judge ready to punish whoever displeases Him. After our study, we sang songs and played, “Uno” practicing numbers and colors in English. The afternoon ended with coloring pages and a snack of lemons with salt, a favorite treat for the children. I was especially pleased that our new neighbor brought her daughter over to join our group. Please join me in praying for these little ones to understand their personal need for a Savior and for me to be faithful in teaching them God’s Word.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Journey to be with Jesus

God's love, care and timing are so apparent. We returned to Maine for a wedding, but while there my father journeyed to be with Jesus. Not only had God allowed us to be in the USA, but He allowed the great privilege to be physically present at the time of his passing. I don't normally wake up at 3 AM but sensed God nudging me to go be with my father. Dan read scripture, prayed and we assured Father not to be afraid. We promised our care of Mother in the days ahead. His breathing began to relax and he peacefully left his earthly body to be with his eternal Father.

We have been reunited with family members over the last days and Dan gave comforting and challenging words from God's Word at the funeral and committal service. Please pray God will be at work in hearts in the days to come. Please also pray for my mother, Marianne, as she adjust to life with out her beloved husband.

June 24th is our return date to Ecuador, the house in Borja is ready and the people are anticipating our return. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and giving during these days of transition.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family Timeout

After an amazing six weeks back in Ecuador we returned to Maine for the wedding of our son, Kevin, to Emily Tice. It was a very meaningful occasion and we praise God for the work He is doing in Kevin and Emily preparing them for ministry together.

Our Growing Family

For Praise:

1. Two members of the Arequipa Family have received the Lord.
2. A member of the Minda Family received the Lord.
3. We are able to be in Maine for Kevin and Emily's wedding.

For Prayer:

1. Please pray for the salvation of the family of our former landlord.
2. Please pray the house in Borja can be ready on our return June 10th.
3. Pray for our safety traveling back to Ecuador. 

Family Matters:

1. Jake and Karen are expecting twins, pray for their ministry and Karen's health.
2. Amanda is diligently job hunting. Pray or her to be encouraged in the Lord.
3. Mark and Alicia continue in ministry in Belgrade.
4. Kevin and Emily will be ministering at West Rockport Baptist Church.
5. Diana's parents continue to need your prayers.

Thank you for your partnership in Crossworld's ministry to the people of Ecuador through us!

Monday, May 13, 2013

"What difference has it made...?"

"What difference has it made that Christ is in your life?" asked Dan as he visited the Pacheco Family from Milagro de Dios. It had been two years since Dan's last opportunity to visit this family of five who came to know Jesus as their personal Savior. "The difference has been tremendous! exclaimed the daughter. "We used to send my father to the store for food and he would return inebriated and empty handed. Through his new life in Christ he gave up drinking and our family has changed. We don't have the same hardships we endured before." Then Don Pacheco talked of the impact the change he saw in his former drinking buddy had in bringing him to Christ. His friend, Roberto, returned to the coastal area to witness to him and his family. It took many trips and the faithful study of God's Word to transform the lives of this family. Dan noticed their knowledge of the Bible has grown and their attentiveness to the study of God's word was apparent. Roberto's son John has been faithfully teaching this family and others for three years. Three families are committed to following Jesus in this needed area at present and others are searching for the truth. God has faithfully provided for food and transportation of those committed to this ministry. 

John, Diana and Sandra Minister to Children

 We love witnessing God's working in and through His people to bring others to Jesus.Thank you all who have had and are continuing to partner with Crossworld's ministry to the people of Ecuador. Our role in Milagro de Dios has been one of encouragement to those committed to following God's leading in bringing the unsaved to Jesus in Milagro de Dios. Your gifts have helped provide tracts, Bibles and teaching materials for this ministry. A goal for the near future is for a structure that will provide a consistent place of ministry. Please pray God will continue to guide, direct and protect those directly involved in God's work in Milagro de Dios.

Friday, May 3, 2013

May Praise and Prayer Update

For Praise:

1. God worked out the details for our return to Ecuador.

2. We have found a house in Borja that will meet our needs. It will be ready in June.

3. We have reconnected with many believers in Chaupimolino and in Borja to encourage them in their walk with Jesus with God's Word and through prayer. 

4. It has been a joy to share Christ with the family of our former landlord.

5. We have open doors for ministry in Borja with approval and help from town officials.

For Prayer:

1. Please pray for the salvation of the family of our former landlord. Two have received the Lord.

2. Please pray the house in Borja can be ready prior to June.

3. Pray for our safety traveling to Borja and back. There is lots of construction going on. Loose gravel, sharp drop offs and crumbling roads are high risk areas for accidents.

4. We have two young people interested in an internship please pray they will know God's will for their lives.

Family Matters:

1. Jake and Karen are expecting twins! Pray for their ministry and Karen's health.

2. Amanda is diligently job hunting. Keep praying for her.

3. Mark and Alicia continue in ministry in Belgrade. A family received Christ recently.

4. Kevin is graduating this weekend from NBBI and getting married June 1. He has been accepted to stay on as a youth director at West Rockport Baptist Church. We'll be traveling back for the wedding and returning June 10.

5. Diana's father is recovering from a heart attack but is back to the home.

Thank you for your partnership in Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Houses, Hooves and Help

Cloud Forest in the Quijos Valley
This past week has been super full with visits, traveling and ministry opportunities. We learned we are not able to rent the home we had before in Borja but have some possibilities, but nothing ready immediately. In the mean time we will rent the house in Pifo where we were and travel weekly to Borja. 

Last weekend we made the trip to Borja and were well received by believers and non-believers. A lady on the town council offered us a building for children's ministry; a local farmer, who is also is in local politics wants us to arrange for a Workshop or demonstration on hoof-trimming and the assistant mayor will help provide materials for teaching English. Wow, there is lots to do, it is overwhelming and at the same time exciting. 

We have visited the family of the former landlord three times and they have invited us back to continue studying what the Bible says about salvation. They came to church last Sunday and they have invited us back to their house tomorrow for more. Please pray for the Gospel to reach their hearts, not just their intellect.

Some of Ecuadorian youths and young adults have come forward making themselves available to help the ministry in Borja. They have asked for teaching on what are the responsibilities of a church in evangelism and discipleship. A day has been scheduled to meet with them for teaching, discussion and prayer. It will be great to have help. 

Spring in Sumaco
Thank you for your prayers and support of Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reunions and Requests

Boarding the plane in Miami and settled into our seats we noted a difference in atmosphere. The plane was filled with chatter and people were helping each other. It filled our minds with anticipation for what was to come. Our friend, Milton, was waiting for us at the new airport in Tababela, Ecuador. He was eager to give account of the ministry in Borja so our first stop was his house. Milton has faithfully gone to Borja in our absence to do discipleships.  Now that we are back he has plans to help a beginning work on the coast. 

This week has been filled with reunions with dear friends and it has been a sweet communion; mutually sharing blessings and difficulties and ending in a time of prayer.  One man shared since he has been obedient to the Lord he has not lacked for work. People are working through trials through their faith in Jesus. Another blessing restoration happening between believers.
Children's Ministry in Milagro de Dios

Good reports of the ministry in Milagro de Dios and the area of Concordia have been given. This coastal ministry began through the desire of the Rosado family to return to their homestead for the purpose of evangelizing the area. A great collaboration of God's people has occurred to see this ministry go forward.  Four years have past since this ministry began and many have come to know the Lord. 

We visited the family of our former landlord of the house in Borja. He was killed in what appears to have been a robbery or case of revenge last August. It was very sad to hear details of the family searching to find him for weeks before knowing of his demise. Pray with us that we will see this family come to know Christ through this tragedy. We have invited them and are hoping they will join us for church on Sunday.

Not often does one see how God has used difficulties in life to bring about a spiritual change in one's self. Dan and I have both noticed how God has enlarged our love for people as we are learning to love unconditionally through  Christ's example.

Prayer Requests: Obtaining visas and finding housing in Borja.

Thank you for your partnership in Crossworld's ministry to the people of Ecuador.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thinking "Ecuador"

Our extended home assignment has come to a close and now we are thinking "Ecuador". We are wondering where we will live and whose lives will be impacted with the Gospel as we bring God's love to life in San Francisco de Borja and surrounding areas in the Quijos Region of Ecuador. The days are filled with bitter – sweet times of leaving and expectations of arriving at the same time, something that all missionaries go through.  This week we are packing, getting our paperwork in order and saying goodbyes.  Please pray that our travels will go well on April 15th and there will not be difficulties in getting our visas and housing all set up. We are confident God will direct us to the place of His choosing and are counting on your partnership, praying for us during this transition and future ministry.

Planning Ahead in Belgrade, Maine: Winter is coming!

Prayer Reminders

1. Strength for saying good-byes to family and friends.

2. Safety traveling to Ecuador April 15th.

3. Obtaining new visas on our arrival to Ecuador.

4. Finding housing in Borja.

5. Getting reconnected and re-initiating God's love and discipleship.

Thank you for supporting Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador through us.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taking the Leap

March brought good opportunities to challenge existing ministries in their pursuit of missions and making disciples. We presented to church groups and also met with pastors individually. We were encouraged as we met with the director of Maine Ministry Outreach Center, Mark Adolfson, concerning a Young Adult and Youth Mission's Conference to be held May 17-19th called MissionsLeap. The purpose of the conference is to challenge and motivate Maine youth and young adults to become actively involved in missions work. Their goal is to introduce as many youth as possible to missions and mission opportunities. They are trusting local churches, church mission teams and missionaries to help accomplish this goal. We will be in Ecuador at the time of the conference but have been able to help in the planning. Contact for more details.

As we look back over the past year of home ministry we can see God's faithfulness meeting a great variety of needs in our family and ministry. New prayer and financial supporters are joining Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador through us. God has worked out the details of some personal challenges so that we may return to Ecuador with peace of mind knowing He will continue to be faithful.

Looking ahead please pray for the following prayer requests:

1. Traveling April 7 to Enfield Baptist Church.
2. Strength for saying good-byes to family and friends.
3. Safety traveling to Ecuador April 15th.
4. Obtaining new visas on our arrival to Ecuador.
5. Finding housing in Borja.
6. Getting reconnected with friends.

Thank you for your partnership with us in ministry!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Needing You to Pray

Mt. Katahdin, Maine
 Winter travel has been interesting this month but it hasn't impeded us from reaching destinations in Southern and Central Maine and also New Brunswick, Canada. 

"Loving God with All that You Are", "With Purpose of Heart We will be Serving the Lord" and "Bringing God's Love to Life," have been recurrent themes as Dan presents God's Word. We are trusting the Holy Spirit to stir others to love God with all they are letting God's love flow out to people, building relationships and bringing others to Jesus. Dale Losch notes in his book A Better Way "Real disciple-making is a dynamic passionate pursuit of God's truth with another person." 

Jodie time with Gram-pa 

Pray for Amanda as she settles in to living with her grandmother. We have seen good progress so far. Pray for her to have spiritual revival.

Pray for Diana and I as we finish up our church visits. We travel to N.H. March 10 and from there head to N.Y. to visit family and preach there as well.

Pray for us to trust the Lord and know His peace as we get ready to go to Ecuador April 15.

Pray for Diana’s mother in this time of adjustment. Her Dad will be staying in the nursing home.
Thank you for your continued prayers, we know that is why we have seen the Lord working. It makes a difference knowing that others are interceding, praise God.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ministry Fruit

While living in Borja our rented house was sold and the new owner wanted the house returned to him. We began walking through Borja searching for an available home.  We happened upon a lady wheeling a wheelbarrow full of coal who had overheard our conversation. “I know where there is a house available.” and she told us to follow her a couple street away to the home of Luis and Maria. There was the shell of a house with no windows or doors. We came to an agreement with Luis to provide a couple month’s rent so the house could be completed. A trip to the US was in our schedule which would provide ample time for the completion of the house.  On our return to Ecuador we received a call from the owner of the first house stating he had changed his mind and wanted us to continue renting.

We returned to Luis and Maria’s house. “I am a man of my word.” Luis continued, “When I make an agreement I keep it. “ Dan’s heart sank as he explained the situation to Luis and he realized Luis would not be able to return the money given for the doors and windows. They made an agreement to consider the money as a no interest loan to be repaid at $50 per month. Approaching Luis one evening Dan said, “This is uncomfortable for me to come and collect money like this. I’d like to come and just visit you and your family without thinking about the money.” Luis said they would like that and so began weekly visits with Luis and Maria and their daughter. Luis had a lot of questions about the Bible and one by one Dan was able to answer him and Maria using God’s Word. They were so close to salvation yet our time to begin home assignment had come. Dan’s Ecuadorian friend, Milton, who is making bi-weekly trips to Borja during our home assignment had the great privilege of leading Luis and Maria to Christ one month after we left Ecuador. Please pray for Luis and his family.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't you love it...

Quaker Hill Christian Church
We often arrive at churches wondering what to expect as we have not visited for about 3 years and often do not hear from the church about how and what they are doing and that was the case as we arrived in Unity, Maine yesterday. We had a very sweet time with the believers at Quaker Hill Christian Church and the fellowship continued well into the afternoon. It was stirring to hear testimony of how God has met needs and answered prayer and how yesterday's message through Dan impacted a young girl and inspired another to take this girl under their wing for discipleship. Don't you love it when God's plan comes together so beautifully? 

Main street Borja 
Our Ecuadorian brother, Milton, continues making bi-weekly trips to Borja and writes the following:

"I am returning from Borja with tears in my eyes for answered prayer. I asked God for the believers to walk closer with God. After a study of 1 John 1 and 2 where we read God is light, Christ is our attorney and the cleansing of our sins is by the blood of Jesus Christ; the challenge was and is; if you love God you will keep his commandments. The Holy Spirit convicted the believers of sin and with tears in their eyes they asked God for forgiveness. It was a beautiful time and I thank God for using me in His work."

Praise for:

1. Diana's father is in rehab after hip replacement surgery.
2. Our new to us car is working well.
3. Amanda received her Ed Tech III certificate from the State of Maine and is pursuing employment.
4. Good meetings with churches encouraging believers to make disciples wherever God has them.

Pray for:

1. Diana’s mother's health and strength, her father's healing.
2. We need your prayers for discernment and wisdom for decisions that must be   made soon.
3. For Amanda's healing, spiritually and physically.
4. For our brothers and sisters in Christ in Chaupimolino, Borja and El Chaco, Ecuador, to be faithful to the Lord and to their families.