Friday, January 25, 2013

Crossroads and Life

It is always energizing to talk of Ecuador and how God is working there. Last Sunday we traveled to Madison, Maine visiting the Crossroads Bible Church. Dan gave a update on the ministry in Chaupimolino and in Borja in Adult SS Class and then the exhortation in the AM service. Once again it served as a stabbing reminder that God's plan for discipleship is the best plan, bringing His love to life, wherever life happens.
Reunion of a 2007 Ministry team to Ecuador
Dan leaves on the  25th of this month for a road trip to new Brunswick and Northern Maine. He begins at New Brunswick Bible Institute, NBBI for the Men for God Rally Friday and Saturday. Pray this will be a great time of fellowship and spiritual refreshment as he gathers with many men to sing praises and study God's Word. Sunday the 27th Dan, accompanied by Harry Straub, Crossworld Mobilizer, will be at East Hodgdon Baptist Church seeking to encourage the believers there in missions. Monday through Wednesday Dan and Harry will be seeking to encourage NBBI students to pursue what God would have them do globally to bring God's love to life. Please be praying for the Holy Spirit to be working in hearts.
Marianne and Bob
It was 11:50 PM when the phone rang. It was the voice of my mother saying, "Your Father has fallen and the ambulance is taking him to the hospital." We gathered our thoughts and made a quick trip to Fairfield to pick up Mom. Later in the Emergency Room we learned he had fractured his hip. Surgery for a hip replacement was performed the following day using spinal anesthesia. My 83 year old father did amazingly well and a week later was transferred to a rehabilitation facility. We saw the Lord's hand directing in various decisions that needed to be made throughout the process. Please continue to pray for my father's recovery, complicated by dementia, and for my mother, Marianne, has she faces this transition. For me this is another huge test to see where my commitment lies in regard to God's call to Ecuador. It is an internal spiritual struggle and the battle is raging. Thank you for praying for God's peace that passes all understanding.


  1. Thank you for honestly sharing how your parents' situation is a test for you. I would be confused if in that situation, knowing of the opportunities God has given you two in Ecuador and also the Scriptural directive to care for one's parents. I will begin praying that God will give you the wisdom for what to do and the strength and obedience to do it, whatever it might be.

  2. So sorry to hear about your dad's fall, Diana - but amazed at God's mercy in allowing both of you to be here to minister to Bob and Marianne at this time. Will be praying for you as you determine the next step in your faith-journey. Love and prayers to all of you! Richard & Margaret