Tuesday, January 8, 2013

He is Always Working

 We knew our relationship with the sweet, dependable Toyota Camry, bearing only 345,000 miles, we have been driving was limited. The car was loaned to us since April 2012 by very generous friends, but the agreement was until the end of January, when we were scheduled to return to Ecuador. At first I thought, "Maybe they'll extend their offer until April." Meeting with our friends, we asked if they would be willing to pray about it, but later realized that was not fair for them to have to make that kind of decision. 

Walking by faith can have its down times and yesterday seemed to be one of them. I let my friend know we would be looking for another car. The relief on her face was evident. My thoughts immediately turned to wondering how this was possibly going to work out, but I was resolved knowing God would be in it. Little did I know how soon a solution would occur. While working at my folks I received a phone call. "We have been given a car,"shared Dan. Wow! this is definitely a God moment and really helped confirm in my mind that our request for an extended HMA is in His will. Our request to Crossworld has been approved giving us a target date of April 24 to return to Ecuador.

Please join us in prayer for the following: 
  • Diana’s parents health and safety.
  • We need your prayers for discernment and wisdom.
  • For Amanda's healing, spiritually and physically.
  • For our spiritual and emotional strength.
  • We have two churches scheduled to visit in January.
  • For our brothers and sisters in Christ in Chaupimolino, Borja and El Chaco, Ecuador, to be faithful to the Lord and to their families.
  • Milton making trips to Borja.
  • For Darwin and Nelly to be encouraged as they lead in Chaupimolino.
Thanks so much!


  1. Praise God!!! Thank you for this testimony Diana, and for your faithfulness! God is SO very Good!!

  2. God is faithful! Thanks for the update.