Thursday, February 28, 2013

Needing You to Pray

Mt. Katahdin, Maine
 Winter travel has been interesting this month but it hasn't impeded us from reaching destinations in Southern and Central Maine and also New Brunswick, Canada. 

"Loving God with All that You Are", "With Purpose of Heart We will be Serving the Lord" and "Bringing God's Love to Life," have been recurrent themes as Dan presents God's Word. We are trusting the Holy Spirit to stir others to love God with all they are letting God's love flow out to people, building relationships and bringing others to Jesus. Dale Losch notes in his book A Better Way "Real disciple-making is a dynamic passionate pursuit of God's truth with another person." 

Jodie time with Gram-pa 

Pray for Amanda as she settles in to living with her grandmother. We have seen good progress so far. Pray for her to have spiritual revival.

Pray for Diana and I as we finish up our church visits. We travel to N.H. March 10 and from there head to N.Y. to visit family and preach there as well.

Pray for us to trust the Lord and know His peace as we get ready to go to Ecuador April 15.

Pray for Diana’s mother in this time of adjustment. Her Dad will be staying in the nursing home.
Thank you for your continued prayers, we know that is why we have seen the Lord working. It makes a difference knowing that others are interceding, praise God.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ministry Fruit

While living in Borja our rented house was sold and the new owner wanted the house returned to him. We began walking through Borja searching for an available home.  We happened upon a lady wheeling a wheelbarrow full of coal who had overheard our conversation. “I know where there is a house available.” and she told us to follow her a couple street away to the home of Luis and Maria. There was the shell of a house with no windows or doors. We came to an agreement with Luis to provide a couple month’s rent so the house could be completed. A trip to the US was in our schedule which would provide ample time for the completion of the house.  On our return to Ecuador we received a call from the owner of the first house stating he had changed his mind and wanted us to continue renting.

We returned to Luis and Maria’s house. “I am a man of my word.” Luis continued, “When I make an agreement I keep it. “ Dan’s heart sank as he explained the situation to Luis and he realized Luis would not be able to return the money given for the doors and windows. They made an agreement to consider the money as a no interest loan to be repaid at $50 per month. Approaching Luis one evening Dan said, “This is uncomfortable for me to come and collect money like this. I’d like to come and just visit you and your family without thinking about the money.” Luis said they would like that and so began weekly visits with Luis and Maria and their daughter. Luis had a lot of questions about the Bible and one by one Dan was able to answer him and Maria using God’s Word. They were so close to salvation yet our time to begin home assignment had come. Dan’s Ecuadorian friend, Milton, who is making bi-weekly trips to Borja during our home assignment had the great privilege of leading Luis and Maria to Christ one month after we left Ecuador. Please pray for Luis and his family.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't you love it...

Quaker Hill Christian Church
We often arrive at churches wondering what to expect as we have not visited for about 3 years and often do not hear from the church about how and what they are doing and that was the case as we arrived in Unity, Maine yesterday. We had a very sweet time with the believers at Quaker Hill Christian Church and the fellowship continued well into the afternoon. It was stirring to hear testimony of how God has met needs and answered prayer and how yesterday's message through Dan impacted a young girl and inspired another to take this girl under their wing for discipleship. Don't you love it when God's plan comes together so beautifully? 

Main street Borja 
Our Ecuadorian brother, Milton, continues making bi-weekly trips to Borja and writes the following:

"I am returning from Borja with tears in my eyes for answered prayer. I asked God for the believers to walk closer with God. After a study of 1 John 1 and 2 where we read God is light, Christ is our attorney and the cleansing of our sins is by the blood of Jesus Christ; the challenge was and is; if you love God you will keep his commandments. The Holy Spirit convicted the believers of sin and with tears in their eyes they asked God for forgiveness. It was a beautiful time and I thank God for using me in His work."

Praise for:

1. Diana's father is in rehab after hip replacement surgery.
2. Our new to us car is working well.
3. Amanda received her Ed Tech III certificate from the State of Maine and is pursuing employment.
4. Good meetings with churches encouraging believers to make disciples wherever God has them.

Pray for:

1. Diana’s mother's health and strength, her father's healing.
2. We need your prayers for discernment and wisdom for decisions that must be   made soon.
3. For Amanda's healing, spiritually and physically.
4. For our brothers and sisters in Christ in Chaupimolino, Borja and El Chaco, Ecuador, to be faithful to the Lord and to their families.