Thursday, February 28, 2013

Needing You to Pray

Mt. Katahdin, Maine
 Winter travel has been interesting this month but it hasn't impeded us from reaching destinations in Southern and Central Maine and also New Brunswick, Canada. 

"Loving God with All that You Are", "With Purpose of Heart We will be Serving the Lord" and "Bringing God's Love to Life," have been recurrent themes as Dan presents God's Word. We are trusting the Holy Spirit to stir others to love God with all they are letting God's love flow out to people, building relationships and bringing others to Jesus. Dale Losch notes in his book A Better Way "Real disciple-making is a dynamic passionate pursuit of God's truth with another person." 

Jodie time with Gram-pa 

Pray for Amanda as she settles in to living with her grandmother. We have seen good progress so far. Pray for her to have spiritual revival.

Pray for Diana and I as we finish up our church visits. We travel to N.H. March 10 and from there head to N.Y. to visit family and preach there as well.

Pray for us to trust the Lord and know His peace as we get ready to go to Ecuador April 15.

Pray for Diana’s mother in this time of adjustment. Her Dad will be staying in the nursing home.
Thank you for your continued prayers, we know that is why we have seen the Lord working. It makes a difference knowing that others are interceding, praise God.

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