Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Houses, Hooves and Help

Cloud Forest in the Quijos Valley
This past week has been super full with visits, traveling and ministry opportunities. We learned we are not able to rent the home we had before in Borja but have some possibilities, but nothing ready immediately. In the mean time we will rent the house in Pifo where we were and travel weekly to Borja. 

Last weekend we made the trip to Borja and were well received by believers and non-believers. A lady on the town council offered us a building for children's ministry; a local farmer, who is also is in local politics wants us to arrange for a Workshop or demonstration on hoof-trimming and the assistant mayor will help provide materials for teaching English. Wow, there is lots to do, it is overwhelming and at the same time exciting. 

We have visited the family of the former landlord three times and they have invited us back to continue studying what the Bible says about salvation. They came to church last Sunday and they have invited us back to their house tomorrow for more. Please pray for the Gospel to reach their hearts, not just their intellect.

Some of Ecuadorian youths and young adults have come forward making themselves available to help the ministry in Borja. They have asked for teaching on what are the responsibilities of a church in evangelism and discipleship. A day has been scheduled to meet with them for teaching, discussion and prayer. It will be great to have help. 

Spring in Sumaco
Thank you for your prayers and support of Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador!

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