Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reunions and Requests

Boarding the plane in Miami and settled into our seats we noted a difference in atmosphere. The plane was filled with chatter and people were helping each other. It filled our minds with anticipation for what was to come. Our friend, Milton, was waiting for us at the new airport in Tababela, Ecuador. He was eager to give account of the ministry in Borja so our first stop was his house. Milton has faithfully gone to Borja in our absence to do discipleships.  Now that we are back he has plans to help a beginning work on the coast. 

This week has been filled with reunions with dear friends and it has been a sweet communion; mutually sharing blessings and difficulties and ending in a time of prayer.  One man shared since he has been obedient to the Lord he has not lacked for work. People are working through trials through their faith in Jesus. Another blessing restoration happening between believers.
Children's Ministry in Milagro de Dios

Good reports of the ministry in Milagro de Dios and the area of Concordia have been given. This coastal ministry began through the desire of the Rosado family to return to their homestead for the purpose of evangelizing the area. A great collaboration of God's people has occurred to see this ministry go forward.  Four years have past since this ministry began and many have come to know the Lord. 

We visited the family of our former landlord of the house in Borja. He was killed in what appears to have been a robbery or case of revenge last August. It was very sad to hear details of the family searching to find him for weeks before knowing of his demise. Pray with us that we will see this family come to know Christ through this tragedy. We have invited them and are hoping they will join us for church on Sunday.

Not often does one see how God has used difficulties in life to bring about a spiritual change in one's self. Dan and I have both noticed how God has enlarged our love for people as we are learning to love unconditionally through  Christ's example.

Prayer Requests: Obtaining visas and finding housing in Borja.

Thank you for your partnership in Crossworld's ministry to the people of Ecuador.

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