Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thinking "Ecuador"

Our extended home assignment has come to a close and now we are thinking "Ecuador". We are wondering where we will live and whose lives will be impacted with the Gospel as we bring God's love to life in San Francisco de Borja and surrounding areas in the Quijos Region of Ecuador. The days are filled with bitter – sweet times of leaving and expectations of arriving at the same time, something that all missionaries go through.  This week we are packing, getting our paperwork in order and saying goodbyes.  Please pray that our travels will go well on April 15th and there will not be difficulties in getting our visas and housing all set up. We are confident God will direct us to the place of His choosing and are counting on your partnership, praying for us during this transition and future ministry.

Planning Ahead in Belgrade, Maine: Winter is coming!

Prayer Reminders

1. Strength for saying good-byes to family and friends.

2. Safety traveling to Ecuador April 15th.

3. Obtaining new visas on our arrival to Ecuador.

4. Finding housing in Borja.

5. Getting reconnected and re-initiating God's love and discipleship.

Thank you for supporting Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador through us.

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