Friday, May 3, 2013

May Praise and Prayer Update

For Praise:

1. God worked out the details for our return to Ecuador.

2. We have found a house in Borja that will meet our needs. It will be ready in June.

3. We have reconnected with many believers in Chaupimolino and in Borja to encourage them in their walk with Jesus with God's Word and through prayer. 

4. It has been a joy to share Christ with the family of our former landlord.

5. We have open doors for ministry in Borja with approval and help from town officials.

For Prayer:

1. Please pray for the salvation of the family of our former landlord. Two have received the Lord.

2. Please pray the house in Borja can be ready prior to June.

3. Pray for our safety traveling to Borja and back. There is lots of construction going on. Loose gravel, sharp drop offs and crumbling roads are high risk areas for accidents.

4. We have two young people interested in an internship please pray they will know God's will for their lives.

Family Matters:

1. Jake and Karen are expecting twins! Pray for their ministry and Karen's health.

2. Amanda is diligently job hunting. Keep praying for her.

3. Mark and Alicia continue in ministry in Belgrade. A family received Christ recently.

4. Kevin is graduating this weekend from NBBI and getting married June 1. He has been accepted to stay on as a youth director at West Rockport Baptist Church. We'll be traveling back for the wedding and returning June 10.

5. Diana's father is recovering from a heart attack but is back to the home.

Thank you for your partnership in Crossworld's ministry to Ecuador!

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  1. Praise God for the way He answers prayer!! Thanks so much for your faithfulness and sharing! We continue to pray here!