Monday, May 13, 2013

"What difference has it made...?"

"What difference has it made that Christ is in your life?" asked Dan as he visited the Pacheco Family from Milagro de Dios. It had been two years since Dan's last opportunity to visit this family of five who came to know Jesus as their personal Savior. "The difference has been tremendous! exclaimed the daughter. "We used to send my father to the store for food and he would return inebriated and empty handed. Through his new life in Christ he gave up drinking and our family has changed. We don't have the same hardships we endured before." Then Don Pacheco talked of the impact the change he saw in his former drinking buddy had in bringing him to Christ. His friend, Roberto, returned to the coastal area to witness to him and his family. It took many trips and the faithful study of God's Word to transform the lives of this family. Dan noticed their knowledge of the Bible has grown and their attentiveness to the study of God's word was apparent. Roberto's son John has been faithfully teaching this family and others for three years. Three families are committed to following Jesus in this needed area at present and others are searching for the truth. God has faithfully provided for food and transportation of those committed to this ministry. 

John, Diana and Sandra Minister to Children

 We love witnessing God's working in and through His people to bring others to Jesus.Thank you all who have had and are continuing to partner with Crossworld's ministry to the people of Ecuador. Our role in Milagro de Dios has been one of encouragement to those committed to following God's leading in bringing the unsaved to Jesus in Milagro de Dios. Your gifts have helped provide tracts, Bibles and teaching materials for this ministry. A goal for the near future is for a structure that will provide a consistent place of ministry. Please pray God will continue to guide, direct and protect those directly involved in God's work in Milagro de Dios.

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