Monday, June 17, 2013

Journey to be with Jesus

God's love, care and timing are so apparent. We returned to Maine for a wedding, but while there my father journeyed to be with Jesus. Not only had God allowed us to be in the USA, but He allowed the great privilege to be physically present at the time of his passing. I don't normally wake up at 3 AM but sensed God nudging me to go be with my father. Dan read scripture, prayed and we assured Father not to be afraid. We promised our care of Mother in the days ahead. His breathing began to relax and he peacefully left his earthly body to be with his eternal Father.

We have been reunited with family members over the last days and Dan gave comforting and challenging words from God's Word at the funeral and committal service. Please pray God will be at work in hearts in the days to come. Please also pray for my mother, Marianne, as she adjust to life with out her beloved husband.

June 24th is our return date to Ecuador, the house in Borja is ready and the people are anticipating our return. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and giving during these days of transition.

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