Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Disciples

It wasn’t long before they found us. Friday we were greeted by twelve familiar faces at the gate. We had not announced the beginning of Bible Club but they came ready and eager to do some activities together. I didn’t feel prepared but wanted to take advantage of the situation so found the first lesson in a series called, “Explorers of the Bible” and we began to talk about who is God and some of His attributes. The children took turns reading verses and answering questions. It is so important in this culture to emphasize God’s love as generally speaking the people think of God as a judge ready to punish whoever displeases Him. After our study, we sang songs and played, “Uno” practicing numbers and colors in English. The afternoon ended with coloring pages and a snack of lemons with salt, a favorite treat for the children. I was especially pleased that our new neighbor brought her daughter over to join our group. Please join me in praying for these little ones to understand their personal need for a Savior and for me to be faithful in teaching them God’s Word.