Saturday, August 17, 2013

I have Jesus

The closing day of VBS in Borja was filled with emotion. It had come to the director's attention that during the song, "I Have So Much", specifically after singing the phase,"I have my parents to be thankful for" that some children did not sing or tears were streaming down their faces. One girl shared she didn't have a father. Darwin, the director, recounted his childhood to the children speaking of his own father who was often absent and when the father was in the home he was so miserable he wished he wasn't there. "You have a faithful father in Jesus.", Darwin went on to share with the children, "Jesus will not abandon you, ever." It was internalized by one fatherless child, who told of his difficult home situation. He later smiled and said to his leader, "Now I have Jesus."

Fun with a Purpose
Great Ministry Team from Chaupimolino Church

 We are thankful for the collaboration we received from both the town of Borja and Baeza. Diana delivered 3 official letters and met with the president of Borja in preparation for the event.Two local farmers donated milk for snacks and others helped provide housing for team members. Public facilities were available for our use. The municipality assisted with public radio announcements of the event. A member of the town council assisted with food for team members. Local police assisted in announcing the event using the loudspeaker of the patrol car. All these connections are important because we are meeting more people.

We want to especially express our appreciation to you because your prayers and gifts to Crossworld on our behalf make this ministry possible. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. God is opening up doors all around you guys. Love you