Wednesday, August 21, 2013

McKeen Family Update

Won't you join us in prayer for the following?

Please pray for Jake, Karen and family as they are in a transition time.

They write,” After four years of giving to the ministry in Blodgett Mills, the Lord is calling us away to rest. The mission has given us a period of six months to step away from pastoral ministry to rest, to be recharged spiritually and to get refocused. We will not be returning to Blodgett Mills. Right now, we do not know what the Lord has for us at the end of this period, but we know He will reveal that to us in His time." Jake and Karen are in Kansas City this week spending time with and receiving direction from Village Missions, their sending agency. Karen is six months along in her pregnancy with twin boys.

Amanda has been working with children through a home care agency since June. She currently lives in Bangor, Maine. Please pray for her and her friend, Nick.

McKeen Baby Update

After testing, Mark and Alicia got a call from a genetic counselor and were told their baby has trisomy 18 syndrome. This is very difficult news. Only a very small very percentage of babies that have this problem are born alive. Of those that are born alive, less than ten percent will make it past their first birthday. Most babies with T18 will have severe developmental defects.
Please lift up their baby to the Lord with us. Pray for strength for Mark and
Alicia as they work through all this. He writes, “We have never felt so helpless. The baby is so close to us, yet we can do nothing. The Lord is certainly teaching us to lean on Him through this. God’s will is perfect and His sovereign hand is working.”

Thank you to all who have been and will be praying. You have been a tremendous support to the family.Please check Mark’s blog, Focused on Him for more updates.

Kevin and Emily write, "We had a great and encouraging time last night meeting with WOL leader, Eric Brown, and the Olympian and Teen leaders for this coming year at West Rockport Baptist Church!" Please pray they stay encouraged as the serve the Lord in Maine.

 Thank you for partnering with us in prayer. It keeps us encouraged!