Thursday, August 1, 2013


Some days are overwhelming to us as we see spiritual needs here in Borja and the surrounding areas of Baeza and El Chaco. The openness of the people is before us and we are burdened for their souls. 

Here a few of the many opportunities before us:

  -Town officials in Borja and Baeza are supporting VBS in both areas. Chaupimolino Church is partnering with us for VBS.

-Dan is sharing bi-monthly with a group in El Chaco. The leader of the group asked for teaching on values and spiritual help. Some members of the group have approached Dan for spiritual help.

-Dan is sharing a devotional with the seniors twice weekly.

- We are meeting with several families regularly in Borja and El Chaco.

- Discipleship with children in Borja.

Please be Praying for:

  God to stir hearts to serve Him is these needy areas.

  VBS August 12-16 in Borja and Baeza.

  Spiritual growth in new believers.

  God to open the eyes of the blind to truth.

  Salvation of Dan's friend

  Balance and strength

  Ministry Area meeting August 20

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