Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Join us in Praise!

Your Prayers for Our Baby are Being Answered

Alicia and the baby have had normal two-week checkups for the number of weeks
 since we found out about the trisomy 18 syndrome. The baby's heart rate has been
 consistent around 160, and we have just continued to pray for miraculous healing
 for our baby girl. We have received many encouraging emails and messages from
 friends and family that are praying for us. There are a number of churches that we
 have had contact with that are praying for us and our baby.

Today we had an ultrasound appointment with a doctor from Portland. After the
 ultrasound technician took a bunch of pictures and measurements, the specialist
doctor came in. Just for a little background, we saw this doctor when the cystic
 hygroma was first diagnosed. He was quite focused on the percentages that were
stacked against us. When he came in he looked for a bit at the ultrasound of our baby,
 then said:

"It is abnormal when a baby with trisomy 18 has organs as well-developed as this."

The kidneys looked normal. The heart looked normal as far as they could tell. The
 hands and feet seem to be developing normal. the height and weight is average or just
 under average. The doctor kept saying things like, "this baby just isn't following
 trisomy 18 protocol" and, "its not normal". The technician kept saying, "I'm trying
 to find the normal anomalies for trisomy 18." She couldn't find them. The cystic
 hygroma (fluid under the baby's skin) has cleared up on its own. Finally, the doctor
 said, "I see no reason why this baby shouldn't make it full term and be born alive."

We were in shock for this good news! God has heard us and is answering our prayers.
We are overjoyed to hear that our baby is developing much better than expected.
 We praise the Lord for his working and are just so moved to be a part of this miracle.

Our baby's future is not without challenges. The only thing that concerned the doctor
 was there is a possible underdevelopment in the front part of the baby's brain. It is still
 early--only 18 weeks--but please keep praying for our baby's growth and development.

Thank you for holding us up before the Lord. Your prayers are being answered every
day! We are looking forward to continued answer to prayer and meeting our little girl!
"I will sing unto the Lord, for he hath dealt bountifully with me" Psalm 13:6

Thursday, September 19, 2013

School is a Luxury for Some

" Senorita Diana, I have homework." proclaimed Antoni from the gate. They were welcome words as Antoni and his brother were not going to attend school this year without financial help. Your financial support has helped Antoni, Jose Luis and Wendy attend school this year. Helping them with homework and checking in with their parents and teachers concerning their progress will be my responsibility. This connection also allows opportunity to share Jesus with the children, parents and teachers. One teacher has asked for weekly to help with English Class. Thank you so much for your partnership in prayer and giving, making Crossworld's ministry to the people of Borja, Ecuador through us possible.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In a Timely Manner

"What are we going to do today?" was the point of discussion early Wednesday morning between Dan and myself. It was decided we would complete a couple of business transactions in the neighboring town of El Chaco to start off the day. Nearing the bus stop in Borja, we realized our friend, William, was standing there. Stopping to ask where he was headed, we learned he, too, was going to El Chaco. He climbed aboard and off we went. On the way we learned our teacher friend, Gemma, had been told, just yesterday, she was being assigned a different school in El Chaco and school is beginning tomorrow! After dropping William off we headed to Gemma's new school. We didn't find her so we headed to her former school where we did find her. Our being present was very timely as we helped clean and transfer her classroom items including furniture to the new location. The change has been stressful for her. It was of God we were able to encourage her in a timely manner. As we were leaving the director of the school thanked us saying our visit was at the precise moment. Isn't that how God works? 

  Please pray:
  • for the salvation of family members of our former landlord.
  • for the salvation of 4 farmers and their families.
  • for spiritual growth in those we are discipling.
  • for God to send help for the ministry in Borja, Baeza and El Chaco.