Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In a Timely Manner

"What are we going to do today?" was the point of discussion early Wednesday morning between Dan and myself. It was decided we would complete a couple of business transactions in the neighboring town of El Chaco to start off the day. Nearing the bus stop in Borja, we realized our friend, William, was standing there. Stopping to ask where he was headed, we learned he, too, was going to El Chaco. He climbed aboard and off we went. On the way we learned our teacher friend, Gemma, had been told, just yesterday, she was being assigned a different school in El Chaco and school is beginning tomorrow! After dropping William off we headed to Gemma's new school. We didn't find her so we headed to her former school where we did find her. Our being present was very timely as we helped clean and transfer her classroom items including furniture to the new location. The change has been stressful for her. It was of God we were able to encourage her in a timely manner. As we were leaving the director of the school thanked us saying our visit was at the precise moment. Isn't that how God works? 

  Please pray:
  • for the salvation of family members of our former landlord.
  • for the salvation of 4 farmers and their families.
  • for spiritual growth in those we are discipling.
  • for God to send help for the ministry in Borja, Baeza and El Chaco.

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