Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thank You

Ministry began early this morning when a child came to the gate asking for help for his little
brother who had been beaten by the mother. The financial situation is difficult for the mom, who works long hours for little pay. This keeps her away from her family most of the time. Lack of disciple in the children causes problems for them at home and at school. At a recent gathering of school parents many complained publicly about these children in front of the mother. Needless to say, the mother is stressed. I spent some time with the family early this morning and assisted getting the children off to school. All this mother's energy is spent on day to day survival. Because of financial gifts, both from churches and individuals, to Crossworld's ministry here in Ecuador we are able to give some financial relief to the family purchasing groceries and helping with school costs. Of course their greater need is spiritual and with basic needs being met I am able to talk of God's love and care. We live in a land of constant needs and opportunities to show and share the core of the Gospel, God's unconditional love for sinful mankind. Thank you so much for your financial partnership we are depending on you! May you all have a truly blessed Thanksgiving.

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  1. Praising God for your willingness to serve and obedience my friends.