Monday, December 23, 2013

At All Times and in All Places

Ready for the Christmas Program In Borja
Christmas Greetings,

We take great comfort in knowing God is working at all times and in all places to reconcile lost people to Himself. The adoration of Jesus has an aspect of coming near to Him as our personal Savior. Many in Borja have not experienced the joy of coming near to a personal savior. This reality is ever before us as we listen to the struggles of people, our friends here in Borja and in surrounding areas that have not trusted Christ yet. Others, who have come to Christ, seem to be in a terrific battle to put God’s Word into practice on a daily basis. The traditions ingrained into the fabric of their lives seem nearly impossible to leave behind.
Crossworld exists to place disciple-makers in the thick of where lost people live. That is what we are about here in Borja and surrounding areas. Because of disciple-making efforts we are seeing some break free from their traditions to put God’s Word into practice. Vicente recently came to know Jesus from the faithful witness of his son, Fidel. Fidel was saved two years ago and had been praying for someone to disciple his newly saved father. He learned about us through a pastor in Mulauco and came to meet with us. Fidel was overjoyed when he heard missionaries live in Borja who can help his father grow in his faith. How exciting to hear how God is bringing others to himself and how privileged we are to help people to discover how God’s Word applies to their lives and how they too can adore a living Savior.
Our ministry can only be done with the partnership of supporters and advocates like yourselves. We are part of the community of Borja now and continue to bring God’s love to life on a daily basis. Through your prayers, personal encouragement and financial partnership we are able to continue living here in Borja, Ecuador pursuing leads to present the Gospel and teaching God’s Word to men, women and children. We appreciate your partnership with us through your local church and Crossworld.                                                                                                            
Praise God:
Dan had four opportunities this past week to share the God's Word publicly. A church in Baeza invited all groups involved in discipleships in Baeza, Borja, Guagrayacu, By-Pass, Chaco and Cosanga to come together. More than 80 gathered for a wonderful time of praise, worship and God's Word to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thirty people came from Borja to join the event. We wish you could have all been there!
Pray for:
·         Spiritual understanding for those attending study.
          The Lord's plan as we are running out of space in our living room.
·         The couples we are working with, their marriages and families.
          Salvation of new and old contacts.

A Heartfelt Thank-you and a Very Merry Christmas!

Dan and Diana

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