Friday, February 28, 2014

God Given Opportunities

Local and Foreign English teachers
We witnessed what God is doing through those willing to step out and serve Him here in Ecuador this past week. Many thanks to Jonathan, Mark, Chris and Clay for their willingness to leave their families and the comforts of home. The group had already established an English teaching opportunity in the local high school during previous trips to San Francisco de Borja. We actually met them for the first time this trip.

Praise the Lord for two days of HS English classes given last week. We paired off into three teaching groups and gave 5 classes each. Dan and I had a great time sharing our stories with students and one of the teachers. It is an answer to prayer to have opportunity to connect with the youth of this area. The school is lacking two English teachers at this time. Would you pray about joining us; teaching English as a second language? 

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