Friday, March 28, 2014

Orchestrated by Him

Through a series of events God has orchestrated a ministry team here in the Napo area of Ecuador.  In November of 2013 we were scheduled to help a team from Tennessee here in Borja, but due to the birth of Karen's twins we were not in Ecuador. The team traveled to Ecuador anyway and during that time they visited a small church in a neighboring community, Baeza. After their trip they encouraged us to visit the small group of believers saying they could use encouragement and also help in ministry. In December we visited the church, met with leaders and began attending services. It has been beautiful to see the heart desire of this group of believers to disciple others to come to know Christ and grow in their walk with God. It has provided sweet fellowship and companionship in our ministry endeavor in this part of Ecuador. We love and appreciate them.

"We should all get on our knees and ask God for forgiveness," exclaimed one woman from Baeza. "He had to send foreign missionaries to evangelize the town of Borja and here we are one town away.

As we share stories of discipleship it has been been inspiring. In one case we were telling of witnessing to a local carpenter. They said, "You know him!?" Come to find out they had lead his estranged wife and younger son to the Lord! It is always an encouragement to know God is actively using His people to bring others to Himself. Mutual encouragement with Baeza believers will assure we will all go forward in the pursuit of making disciples.
Tenn. pastors training leaders in Baeza

Thank you for your partnership in Crossworld's ministry team to Ecuador and continuing to pray souls will be saved and we all will remain faithful in the task God has called us to.