Friday, May 30, 2014

"God brought you here for me"

Finding housing in San Francisco de Borja was challenging in 2013. For two months we made weekly trips to Borja from Pifo staying with friends or in a hotel to continue established discipleships and visits. Housing was available and ready the end of June and that's when we met our landlady, Martha and her five children. Our relationship was cordial at first but over the next months doing the things we normally do Martha expressed interest in attending the weekly Bible study. The family began attending in September of last year and continues faithfully since. It has been a process of genuinely searching for truth from God's Word over months and months that God has revealed himself to Martha and four of her children. They now understand God's plan of salvation and are bringing others to learn the truth. Martha asked for tracts this week. 

Martha said, " I know God brought you here for me." 

May God be praised for His work in bringing people to Himself. Thank you for taking ownership in our ministry together (you and us) by your faithful prayers and financial gifts.

Praise for:
  1. Maria has come 2x to Bible study.
  2. The seniors have been very attentive to the teaching of God's Word.
  3. We had a good trip to Chillanes, Diana shared with a group of ladies.
  4. The good response to the teaching of God's Word in Baeza.
  5. Ivan was saved through a gospel radio broadcast.
  6. An evangelism workshop was held in Baeza.
  7. We participated in a Children's program in Baeza using Operation Christmas Child.           
Prayer for:
  1. More understanding of the Gospel in Borja.
  2. Commitment to the Lord in Borja.
  3. Salvation of Avram.
  4. Cornelio,Jessica & son to be restored to the Lord and to each other.
  5. Growth and commitment for the believers in Baeza.
  6. Planning for three groups coming to our area this summer.
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