Tuesday, June 24, 2014

4/14 Window in Ecuador

Of the 14 million people in Ecuador approximately 4,900,000 are within the 4/14 window. They are within the ages of four to fourteen years old. These statistics were provided by APEN, the Latin equivalent of the organization Child Evangelism Fellowship. A child evangelism training was held at the Baeza church last Friday through Sunday. This training provided a personal challenge to each person in attendance and also equipped individuals in how to present the Gospel to children. It was a challenge to the church and families to take responsibility for raising children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, a goal that affects not only the eternity of children but of generations to come.

The workshop was very motivational to me and I am finding myself being even more intentional with the children I am working with here in our home. Yesterday, before doing homework help I shared the Gospel using the Bible and Antoni's and José-Luis' hands as an illustration. I asked if they wanted to pray to receive Jesus. Antoni prayed a prayer that would break your heart confessing specific sins, asking Jesus to forgive him for his disobedience and inviting Jesus to be with him. He'll need lots of your prayers because he is in a very difficult home situation. I gave him the  Bible book of John to take with him and he said he was going to read the whole thing last night. Antoni and his brother have been super challenging to work with as no reinforcement for learning occurs in the home along with other challenges they face. Please join me in prayer for Antoni, 11, and José-Luis, 6, as Antoni's decision begins a new chapter in their young lives.

We are in the planning stage for VBS to be held in Borja and Baeza August 4-8. Your financial gifts are providing materials for this important event impacting the lives of children. Thank you for your participation in prayer and giving in your ministry through us here in the Napo Area of Ecuador. Children are depending on you!

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