Saturday, September 6, 2014

Praise and Prayer

Praise for:
  1. A new couple attended weekly Bible study in Borja this week. 
  2. Dan is sharing a devotional and presenting the Gospel to a family gathering in Borja today.
  3. It was a blessing to attend the wedding of Gustavo and Margarita, especially hearing their testimonies of how God has lead them, first to salvation and secondly to obedience.

Pray for:
  1. Renewed energy for ministry and getting back to discipleships in Borja and Baeza after a busy summer. 
  2. Ministry area meetings September 9-11.
  3. Crossworld's Caribbean Conference in the DR that we are attending September 29-Oct.4.

Family Matters:
  1.  Please pray for Mark and Alicia's adjustment to life and ministry in Canada.
  2. Amanda is adjusting to her recent diagnosis of Waldmann's disease.
  3. Pray for a safe and healthy delivery for Kev and Emily's Lincoln due the 25th.
  4. Jake and Karen continue in ministry in Bruin, PA. Pray for spiritual strength for them.

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